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  1. good weight?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi, I have a 11 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. I wanted to know if he looks under weight over weight or perfect? He is a little over 100 pounds.
  2. Malamute puppy size question

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, I'm not a first time puppy owner, but I am a first time mal owner, I have an American Eski (Casper-yes, hes friendly) and now a Mal pup (Grey). Grey is 9 weeks old and sitting at 17 lbs he was 15lbs last week. From charts online they indicate he'll be massive, but he is supposed to be a...
  3. My Dog Needs To Gain Weight!!!!

    Dog Health Questions
    BEFORE I GET JUDGED I adopted my dog Miley when she was pregnant! She was rescued by me, and I was completely aware and prepared for her pregnancy when I adopted her! My new dog, Miley, had puppies on December first. At first, her weight didn't change. She gained a healthy amount of weight when...
  4. Week 1: both owner and puppy lose 2 lbs.

    Dog Health Questions
    As I've relayed in other posts, last week (Friday, 8/5) my wife and I adopted a puppy. On Saturday (8/6), I use my home scale to weigh myself first, then weighed myself while holding the pup. The difference was her weight, 34 lbs. This weekend, I repeated the weigh in, and... well, I had lost 2...
  5. Puppy still losing teeth--clue to age?

    General Dog Forum
    As some of you know, I adopted Naima, a Pit (?)-something mix, from a shelter about 5 weeks ago. She's doing nicely; she's consistently gained 2 lbs. a week and in another pound or two she'll weigh twice as much as she weighed when I got her (then she was 12.4 lbs.). The vet who did the spaying...
  6. So can you help me figure out something about my pitbull puppy?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    My Puppy is 4 months and is a pitbull American Bulldog mix. He weighs 38lbs. How much do you think he'll weigh fully grown? Mother: Pitbull 45lbs Father: American Bulldog 70lbs The Picture of his face is when I first got him all the other ones were about a week ago.:wave::wave::wave::wave:
  7. Is my pup too thin, maybe?

    General Dog Forum
    My old family dog used to be a butterball, sadly I didn't have any say in what or how much she was fed... anyway, she's long gone now. Jake the pup is 6 month old and I'm somewhat (a little bit) concerned that he might be underweight? I can easily feel his ribs and spine, as well as see them...
  8. (Update) Could this be a tibetan mastiff mix?

    General Dog Forum
    Hey, so my pup is now 1 day away from being 3 months old. Here are some photos when he was 11 weeks http://imgur.com/a/rzllY He weights about 30 lbs Pictures were taken about a week ago and that tail has really grown even more, it has an insane curve to it and it's always curved towards hes...
  9. Overweight assistance!!

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a Manchester Terrier/ Chihuahua mix. She is a little over 3 years old. Still really young... But she loves her food a lot and has gotten so lazy! It's not a matter of health issues, she's just following after me! We have both gained a lot of weight! She is 22.8 pounds! Ok well for one...
  10. Problem determining amount of food to feed new rescues

    Dog Food Forum
    First, I have run the dog food calculators, and they are telling me that these dogs need 3.5 to 4 cups of food per day. Just to cover that first. That is aligned with the info on the dog food bags (if a bit generous). 6 weeks ago I took in two large breed male, unneutered foster pups. I have...
  11. Tips for weight loss?

    Dog Food Forum
    So our adopted dog was spoiled rotten in the first few months with us, and she put on about 10 pounds (she now weighs 65 and should be under 60). We've cut back on her food but the poor thing is now STARVING all the time. We've upped her exercise, too, and that helped a bit, but not enough...
  12. "Underfed" dog gaining weight?

    Dog Food Forum
    At Levi's last vet visit he weighed in at 14.6 lbs. Ideally he shouldn't be more than 13. Only about 3 months prior he was a little over 12. But i'm happy with him being anywhere between 12-13. Determined to help him lose about 2 lbs, I've been strict about how much food he gets, almost...
  13. What breed is my puppy?!

    General Dog Forum
    Olive is a 15 week old mixed breed. We were TOLD her mother is a border collie/rat terrier mix (about 15 pounds) and her dad is a larger black Chihuahua (about 8 pounds) ... although we don't see much Chihuahua in her at all. When we got her at 8 weeks, she was about 4.5 pounds and has been...
  14. Dog breed, age, and size?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi! I just got a puppy four days ago. He is supposedly a husky/shepherd mix but he doesn't look much like either of the two breeds, so I was wondering if anyone could help me tell what breed he is so I know how to feed him/take care of him better. We were told that his mom was a husky and his...
  15. To Laube or not to Laube?

    Dog Grooming Forum
    So! To all the dog groomers out there, how do you feel about Laube brand clippers? I've been using Andis brand clippers for years, and seriously dislike Wahl (except for my little Wahl Bravura cordless, perfect for detail work) I've stuck with Andis super 2 speed for a few years and they are...
  16. Should my dog gain weight?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi all, I got my dog Oscar from a shelter just about a month ago. He's a lovely, quiet and relaxed lap dog/couch potato and we're happy to have given him a new home. My question is: do you think he needs to gain weight? He's about one year old and a Leonberger mix, weighs about 33 lbs and stands...
  17. Lab/Rott Pet Meds

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, I have a lab/rott mix puppy who is 5 months old. He currently weighs about 42lbs and is still VERY much growing. He's had his first round of heartworm/tick medication but i need to buy his next 6 months supply (as you know its cheaper in bulk). However, the weight range you have to select...
  18. Right amount of food for puppy

    Dog Food Forum
    Hey everyone. I have a 4 1/2 pug and currently feed him 3/4 cups of Blue Puppy Food per day and am thinking about increasing that amount to a whole cup. The package says to give 1/4 to 1 1/4 cups per day for puppies up to 20 pounds (which is pretty vague). Is there a right time to increase...
  19. Has your dog gained weight due to increased muscle?

    General Dog Forum
    I ask because I'm about to weigh Wally and I notice his legs (especially rear) and neck are much strong now so I'm wondering if it's possible he might have gained some weight even though his body shape and such are still the same. He was 12 lbs before, so maybe it won't add up to much of...
  20. Heaviest and lightest dogs

    General Dog Forum
    Who holds the claim to the heaviest and, also, the lightest dogs on this here forum?