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weight loss

  1. Maintenance after weight loss

    Dog Food Forum
    Earlier this summer Levi weighed in at 16.1 lbs. His ideal weight is between 14.5 - 15 lbs. After a few months of trial and error I've finally on a plan that's working well for him and yesterday he weighed in at around 15.3-15.4 so I'm quite happy. Up until the attempted weight loss he use to...
  2. dog's appetite decreased

    Attention All New Members
    Hello, I hope someone can help me with this. I have a Maltese boy a year and a half old and I just got a Maltese girl a month ago, she is 6 months old. Since we've had her my boy has become a picky eater at first and then his appetite has decreased. He has lost weight and sometimes he doesn't...
  3. Puppy Not Gaining Weight???

    Dog Food Forum
    Hello, all, Duke has been with me for five weeks now. He was born sometime around early December, so I guess about 4.5 months. At the pound, during the week before I got him, they reported he had gained 8 pounds. He had tummy troubles when he came home and the food they were feeding him...
  4. weight gain.

    General Dog Forum
    I wasn't sure if this should go in the food forum or the health forum or if its fine here... so mods feel free to move as you see fit :) Ok.. here goes. Ever since the weekend before christmas when we took bella with us on our excursion to VA Bella has been loosing weight. Today she weighed in...
  5. Weak Bark & Horfing Sound

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog has begun to have a weak bark as of a few months ago as if she is hoarse. She used to have such a powerful, intimidating bark (if you didn't know her). She also makes this kind of horf noise every now and then...almost like she's coughing up a furrball. We cannot figure out what is...