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weight gain

  1. Yorkie with possible collapsing trachea?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi I have a Yorkie who is 8yrs old. He has had a problem with throwing up, coughing, gagging for a couple of years. I happened to come across some info on collapsing trachea in dogs and that Yorkies are prone to this problem. I also noticed that he got a short haircut some months ago and it...
  2. just rescued shiba inu husky

    Dog Rescue Forum
    i just rescued a shiba inu husky mix and he is very very timid and will only take food and treats from me. he is terrifed of everyone else he encounters. he also is as big as my boy husky 65 lbs BUT he only weights about 38 lbs. he has been to the vet and doesnt have worms or anything they can...
  3. My 1 yr old dog will not eat

    Dog Health Questions
    I have been fighting with my dog almost since I got her to eat. She is nothing but skin and bones. The vet has de-wormed her and said she will eat when she is hungry but she is never hungry it seams. I have tried dry food, caned food, mixed together, human food, even cat food. I have tried free...
  4. weight gain.

    General Dog Forum
    I wasn't sure if this should go in the food forum or the health forum or if its fine here... so mods feel free to move as you see fit :) Ok.. here goes. Ever since the weekend before christmas when we took bella with us on our excursion to VA Bella has been loosing weight. Today she weighed in...