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  1. Piddle Place
    Greetings our dog forums family.. We have activated a discount code just for you. If you know someone getting a new puppy for the holidays, your pooch hates going outside in the freezing cold, or you are not always there to walk your dog. No more messy puppy pads or expensive dog walkers...
  2. Piddle Place
    Thank you all for your support of our product. We have almost finalized our TV commercial and wanted to share it here with everyone. best indoor pet potty should help enable adoption of your new best friend. Please take a look, and help us remove the barriers to pet companionship. Everyone...
  3. Piddle Place
    Allowing your dog comfort and dignity with an indoor pet potty Great review from this humane group. Consider the option for your furry friend.
  4. Dog Training Forum
    hi, my puppy finally got all her shots and i've been taking her outside to learn leash walking. i've been timing her potty times so that she starts going outside (transitioning from wee pads), but have been unsuccessful - she simply holds it and is eager to come back inside to use her wee pads...
1-4 of 4 Results