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  1. Dogs and Sleds on Boston Big Picture

    Dog Pictures Forum
    The Big Picture website is one I check out every other day or so. Here are some amazing pics dog enthusiasts will love! So pretty. http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/02/dogs_and_sleds.html
  2. I'm making a website for pets who have died

    Pet Memorial Forum
    And I was wondering if any of you guys wanted your pets to be on it. All I need to know is how they died, their name, and fun facts like their birthday, favorite toy or what ever. And a picture (if you want, I'd prefer a pic but I don't need one.) I'll send you the link to the site when I get...
  3. Dog Website Creation

    General Dog Forum
    I breed Westies (no comments on that please) and I am creating a website. So far it has a westie FAQ, Westie breed info, info about us, example contracts for stud service, example contracts of sale for both pet quality puppies and show quality puppies, a copy of the breed standard for the West...
  4. I was just trying to help...

    Off Topic
    Ok, when my dog was dying, I develpoed a crush on the vet..ok, so we talked about it and I felt all was fine- I mean he is married as well, I don't care for her- but not for that reason. Ok, so I noticed that their website looks bad, so I went and talk to this vet and ask him if he would allow...
  5. Dog fans, come to my website!

    General Dog Forum
    Theresa<3, welcome to dogforums, but please read the forum rules. Redirects here are considered spam and will be deleted.