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  1. Want to help my Old Sheltie with weakened back legs

    Dog Health Questions
    Brought my almost 18 year old Sheltie in to the Vet last week hoping to walk out with pain meds after noticing his struggle to get up, and to climb stairs, etc. After the examination, the vet concluded that pain (from arthritis or whatever) was not the cause, for the most part, and that his back...
  2. Dogs legs suddenly gave out?

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog is a 3 year old Italian greyhound. She does have patellar luxation in both back knees but this was completely different. Her knee caps weren't out (I'm quite experienced in popping those back in now!) She was playing fetch so running hard and then suddenly laid down, which is very odd...
  3. Not using left hind leg

    Dog Health Questions
    It started out as a goofy thing. My husband noticed that when Kidogo went down the stairs he only used three legs. But now it seems to have gotten a lot worse. Tonight, as Gogo was eating I noticed he was standing with his left leg barely touching the ground. I held it and it didn't bother him...
  4. Dog won't eat, vet just says to watch her?

    Dog Health Questions
    I have taken my dog (14 year old golden named Lisa) to the vet twice in the last 5 days. She had blood in her stool so I took her in right away. They put her on antibiotics and a "dog pepcid." Plateletes very low, slightly anemic, BUN high. She had a slight fever but it was gone the second...
  5. 9 m/d German shepherd with weak hind legs

    Dog Health Questions
    Yesterday I adopted a German Shepherd from a person on craigslist. The dog was clearly neglected he was soooo aggressive, but I didn't want to leave him with his owner. he lived in a tiny house with a family of mom, dad, 6 and 9 year old boys. when we got him home it took us 2 hours to get him...