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  1. Drinking Water Snob (another stupid question)

    General Dog Forum
    I feel so silly writing this, but my 2.5-yr-old Aussie Terrier, Cobber, is a real water snob. He can be very thirsty, such as after a long walk or now that the air's drier as we head into cold weather, but if the water dish isn't just what he thinks it should be, he won't drink there. It's hard...
  2. doesn't want to pee in morning?

    Dog Health Questions
    Enzo doesn't want to urinate first thing in the morning suddenly. I take his water away at 9p and we go for our last walk around 12a. Usually he wants to go out by 10a, but all of the sudden he doesn't. He did have a UTI and struvite crystals about six weeks ago, but he is not having any...
  3. So my puppy is going to the lake...

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    She's been here before, but never when it was warm enough to swim. Now she was clearly interested in the water, but I think it was to cold for her last time. She always jumps into the bath tub when I leave the door open, so I'm fairly sure she likes water. I want her to be able to jump into...
  4. My Lab/GS puppy will not get out of the pool! HELP!

    Attention All New Members
    Hey everyone, I have a 105 pound 11 month old Lab/GS (so I'm told) mix. He loves being in the water more than life itself, and I am happy to oblige. However, my life must continue and he has to be ready to come out of the water when I tell him. He is extremely obedient outside of the pool area...
  5. Petco Water Buffalo Horn Dog Chew

    General Dog Forum
    Has anyone tried water buffalo horns? Are the 100% safe? I have a maltese are they big enough to chew these? http://m.petco.com/product/123233/Petco-Water-Buffalo-Horn-Dog-Chew.aspx Thanks
  6. Introducing Luna to Swimming for the First Time

    Dog Training Forum
    How do I Introduce a Dog to Swimming? Hey guys! My fiance and I are going to be moving back to BC, which means lots and lots of water and beaches and lakes! :) Anyhow, it will be Luna's first time around "big water" I've never had to teach a dog to swim before and any advice would be great. I...
  7. House training/leash training/LOTS of water

    Dog Training Forum
    I have two 6 month old pit bull/basset puppies, both around 40 lbs. When I rescued them they were far from being potty trained, and have started catching onto the idea of it. They ALWAYS go when I take them out, but they still have accidents. I understand that they can't hold it very long...
  8. uneasy transition

    Dog Food Forum
    Today has been a hard day on my 9m old staffy my 2yr old staffy has had to go to the vets overnight due to being bitten then getting heat stroke when he collapseds unknowingly. And then we moved today to, my little girl didnt want to drink.from her bucket havent eaten till recently and has just...
  9. Ibis Attacks a Sprinkler :)

    Dog Pictures Forum
    was hoping some dog lovers would be able to help me out by voting for my photo in a competition of Ibis attacking a sprinkler. The competition is a People's Choice Award hosted on Facebook and only requires people "liking" the photo to count as a vote. If my photo wins Ibis will get a big bad...
  10. Taking up water and food

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I understand it that one good way to feed a dog is to give it food twice a day, then hide the leftovers when the dog's done. I was under impression that water should be always available. But after lurking a little on these forums I see that many people take up water also. So, what's your...
  11. How much should you feed a toy breed?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I'm getting a havamalt (havanese/maltese mix) from my moms cousin soon. I was wondering how much you should feed and give it water each day. Are there certain times you should feed it. The biggest this breed will get is 9-12 pounds full grown. Any advice is welcome
  12. hydration

    Dog Health Questions
    My 12 week old lab mix left two half dollar sized puddles during puppy school last week and the trainer said that he was overhydrated. I have a full bowl of water out for my older dog who has learned to self-regulate, but the puppy drinks like he's just finished a crawl through the desert. I...
  13. Does your dog...

    General Dog Forum
    I have a 1-year-old male Boston Terrier, my first dog, and it amazes when I hear things like "Wow, I didn't think Bostons jumped in water to retrieve things" or "wow, your Boston likes hiking?" or "your Boston plays frisbee?" He's obsessed with playing frisbee. He loves hiking. He loves walking...
  14. Hike :D

    Dog Pictures Forum
    I finally have a tired dog! After some horrible weather that stopped us doing our long hikes we finally made it out!
  15. What can I give to dog so he will drink

    Dog Health Questions
    Dog is dehydrated due to an illness that has made him not hungry/thirsty and he is not interested in water. What can I give him that will be Ok for him but that he might have more interest in drinking? He is currently receiving hydration from the vet but I want to try to get him to drink more...
  16. Does Your Lab Drink Tons of Water?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi, My dog Deacon constantly drinks water. My brother said it could be a sign of kidney problems. But I've also heard that labs just have oral fixations and lick and drink alot. So far my vet hasn't said anything, but he has a checkup in jan. I actually call him a water buffalo.... lol.. any...
  17. Why is my dog scared of the pool?

    General Dog Forum
    We just got a pool built and my Golden Retriever will not go near it at all. I always thought retrievers loved water and it'd be hard trying to keep her away from it. I guess I can't complain since we don't want her in anyway, but I was just curious why she acts like this. The funny thing is...
  18. continues water

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi, I am a proud owner of a basset hound (9 months old) I was wondering what the best thing actually is... In the beginning period I gave her not a continues water reserve... Only when i was home she got water. Since a few months my basset got sick and My doctor said that I should give her a...
  19. Swimming?

    General Dog Forum
    Ginger's eight now. When she was a puppy, she would swim in my friend's pool with no problems. She went in of her own accord. We go to the beach and the lake once in a while and she likes playing in the waves but won't go in deep and swim. So nothing traumatic has happened with water. We got...