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  1. Aggressive behavior

    Dog Training Forum
    Sorry so long want to put as much detail as possible: We had a lot of people at our house for an extended period of time for a family gathering and my dog snapped and growled at several people including a child. (The adults let him sniff there hand first and he still did it) When I picked him up...
  2. Adverse Side Effects NOT listed Seresto by Bayer

    General Dog Forum
    WARNING - Adverse Side Effects NOT listed: “Seresto” anti-flea and tick collars that contain a nicotine chemical (imidacloprid) that can cause seizures, thyroid gland damage, mutations, abortions and birth defects, (and is a class of widely used agricultural chemicals implicated in the...
  3. A warning about the rabies vaccine

    Dog Health Questions
    I don't post often, but people have seen the pics and videos of my Newfie pup Ozzy, and gave a lot of positive responses. Ozzy was the best dog I've ever had the pleasure to know. He was, until I took him in for a rabies vaccine. At 11 months old, Ozzy was the picture of Newfie puppy health -...
  4. Certifect Warning

    Dog Health Questions
    I wanted to warn people about a product that can harm or even become fatal to your beloved pets. No one should have to go through this.We moved into a new home in Arizona June 1st this year. Our 3 dogs were at my parent's house until we were ready to bring them to the new house. The day we moved...
  5. Silent in emergencies (housebreaking issue)

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a 3 year old shepherd/husky(we think) mix who has, on occasion, a delicate stomach. She's housebroken, really, but when she just can't hold it, rather than whine to be let out, she'll run around frantically until it's too much and then find a corner to let go in. The main issue is that...