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  1. Virus of the heart and meningitis in 3 year old daushund

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, My 3 year old otherwise healthy daushund started showing neurological signs one week ago. He had a slight jaw drop, a slight tilt of his head partial paralysis on one side of his face and nystagmus of his eyes. He received an MRI and a spinal tap. The MRI showed inflammation in his brain...
  2. dogs possible dry eye condition

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello all, first time here. I have been browsing for issues related to dry eye condition in dogs. My almost 5 year old border collie lab mix just a week and a half ago started sneezing, two days of sneezing and it stopped but she was holding her right eye closed. I rinsed it out and and she...
  3. WEIRD: Both outer toes on front paws swollen/painful. Pad itself is hard. (PICS)

    Dog Health Questions
    I have an English Bull Terrier, her name is Midna, she's about a year and 2 months old. She's spayed, is being fed Blue Wilderness Chicken dry food. She has been to the local vet 3 times, and then to a dermatologist in Dallas. So... Before the paw pad problem started, Midna had some sort of...
  4. Christmas Parvo Emergency

    Dog Health Questions
    We (Noodle, DH and myself) are driving ten hours to spend the season with my in-laws on Friday. We called our family last night and found out that apparently, my brother-in-law's puppy recently had parvo. Thankfully, the puppy seems to have recovered. The puppy with parvo roamed my...