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  1. Hello!

    Attention All New Members
    I'm a senior in college, and hopefully headed to veterinary school in a year or so (depending on if I get accepted or not :yield:). Meanwhile, I'm trying to finish up my undergrad degree in animal science. And I'm also thinking about getting a new dog (which brings me here! :D). My family had a...
  2. Looking for a new vet.

    General Dog Forum
    Hello. I am looking into finding a vet in the Newark/Middletown area. I have a ten year old Yorkie who we take to Vca Kirkwood ( Which is very expensive). We just adopted a 7 month old Schnug ( Pug/Schnauzer). I was just wondering if anyone had any good advice as to where we could find a decent...
  3. Natural, Eco Friendly Medicine for your Pet

    Welcome to Arcanatura dog lovers! With over 80 million pets in America, the environmental impact our pets have on our planet is often greatly underestimated. Arcanatura produces high-end, organic products for dogs, cats and horses that aim to reduce the extreme environmental impact pets have on...