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  1. Dog has bumps on his underbody

    Dog Health Questions
    I bought a pitbull almost two years ago, and I've seen bumps show up periodically under his body, on his chest and neck and on his inner legs. When I bought the dog I knew this was a specific problem, I had to sign a contract. "We*the Breeder (Poulsen’s Painted Pitbulls) feel you the Buyer...
  2. Had to put our buddy Piper down last night

    Dog Health Questions
    Our pal, a sweet, 11-year old golden, had to be put down last night after suffering major internal bleeding due to some hemangiosarcomas the doc at the vet's hospital found last night. She yelped out in pain at dinner last night, peed her pants and then barfed everywhere. We're suffering here as...
  3. Puppy vomited yesterday afternoon and then again this afternoon - need to go to vet?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi everyone, My 20-week-old cocker spaniel puppy gagged and vomited once yesterday when we were on our walk, after nosing around/mouthing some dead-flower whisp-y type buds (almost like dead dandelion seeds). The vomit was just 3 pieces of her (normally dry) kibble. We assumed it was just...
  4. Best book on dog health

    Dog Health Questions
    I read about the new book SPEAKING FOR SPOT in BARK Magazine. I got a copy and boy it's terrific. It's by a vet and gives lot so information about finding the right vet for your dog and how to ask the right questions. It has good sections at the end about common symptoms and when to go to the...