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  1. Two puppies, one fully vaccinated, one part way there

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Question: One of our puppies is fully vaccinated and one is almost done with them. Can the vaccinated puppy go to a public place and possibly bring home the virus to its buddy?
  2. Vaccines made by Boehringer Ingelheim are killing our dogs

    Dog Health Questions
    I've been raising dogs for 40 years, and Never had a dog get parvo after immunization. About 6 months ago I had a dog get parvo after vaccinating......and recently had 3 of them get parvo. Brand names are numerous: First Companion, Canine Spectra 5 Canine Imuno-Vax 9. Pls stop using the...
  3. Exercising my goldendoolde with only two vaccinations

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi All, I am very new to bringing up puppies. I got butters home when he was 12 weeks old and he had only 1 vaccination by then. That week I got him his 2nd shot and am scheduled for my 3rd on Jan 30th. Now, he needs some kind of an exercise because the vet said that we cannot take him out...
  4. Vaccination schedule for a rescue adult Dog

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello, I am most likely rescuing an adult German Shepherd, may be a mix, I don't know. She is an adult, and the person who found her has tried to reunite her with her owner, but no luck. So, I am likely to adopt her, because, I have been looking to adopt for a while. As the dog does not have...
  5. Drawbacks of Titre Testing: Ignore vaccination phobias

    Dog Health Questions
    I'm trying to move to New Zealand. Import req's demand a rabies titre result of 0.5 (I've lost the units . . . they don't mean anything to me). One of my three dogs, who has been vaccinated at MORE than the recommended schedule, titred out at only 0.29, thus she FAILED. This adds two months to...
  6. Learning about puppies!

    Attention All New Members
    We adopted a stray Shih-poo about 16 years ago but she was about a year and a half old and already house trained. She died late last year so we decided to get a puppy shih-poo. We have adopted strays before but always adult dogs, large outdoor types. Now we are getting see the things that we...
  7. Vaccination Question

    Dog Health Questions
    How often does a dog need the vaccinations for lyme disease and heartworm? This is my first dog on my own and the vet made it sound like she needs them every month for the rest of her life. When I was younger none of our family dogs went to the vet every month and my best friend said her dog...
  8. Extremely lethargic 12 wk old puppy after vet checkup/vaccination

    Dog Health Questions
    Took my 12 wk old Goldendoodle to vet for checkup today. He received 3rd round of DHLPP vaccination. And first round of Bordetella vaccine. Came home about lunchtime... He acted normal til about 5:30pm and became extremely sleepy and lethargic. Whines and yelps when he is picked up although we...
  9. Rabies Shot Question for Puppy Crossing USA to Canada and back

    General Dog Forum
    Hey everyone! So I'll be flying home this holiday and taking my puppy with me. He'll be EXACTLY 12 weeks (to the day) when I fly from the US into Canada, which is still under 3 months and according to this link I won't need a Rabies vaccination...
  10. Vaccination Dilemma!

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello Dog Lovers I need to make a decision about my puppy's third set of vaccination. Tomorrow (23Feb13), he is suppose to get his 3rd set. I am trying to contemplate should I get his third set of shots and plus Rabies shots. He will be neutered in March or early April, which comes with a...
  11. Do you vaccinate your dog? Please post your reasons

    Dog Health Questions
    I am wondering if I should/should not vaccinate my dog, and if I do, which ones I would need. I would like to hear about all your personal experiences. Thank you :)
  12. Socializing pups before their vaccines are complete

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Montana is 8 weeks old and started his vaccines four days ago, my vet isn't avaliable todayso I'll give him a call tomorrow. Until then I just errr on the side of caution but I thought I would pose the question. Anyone have any experience/thoughts on socializing a pup with other dogs before...
  13. dog in pain?

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog (Westie, 6 years old) went to the vets Thursday for her yearly vaccination (Nobivac) and she was fine but after she was very sleepy which I thought was probably down to the stress, but that night she went to jump on my bed as she has for years and yelped out and started pacing and holding...
  14. Limited vaccines

    Dog Health Questions
    I have heard a little bit about vaccinations in dogs but would like some more information. I have heard that a limited vaccination schedule is better, with few or no boosters. However, I haven't been able to find sources that seemed particularly credible. Does anyone know of any studies I can...
  15. My puppy is having diarrhea and there is blood in it can anyone please help??

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, I Just Got A 2 Months Old Puppy Home. Well, She Just Got Her 2nd Vaccination On 8 Of June. However The First Day I Brought Her Back She Had Her Diarrea And On The Second Day We Saw Blood In Her Poop But She Still Can Play, Eat And Drink Well. Should I bring her to see a vet straight away or...
  16. Rabies shot only 2 weeks apart!?

    Dog Health Questions
    I am curious to know if a dog were to receive a 1-year rabies shot only 2 weeks apart from one another what would be the side affects?? Is this harmful??