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  1. Help! Owning a puppy is bringing out the worst in me!!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    A little background: Both my husband and I grew up with animals (he had several large dogs; I lived on a small farm with small dogs, cats, horses, chickens and ducks). So neither of us is new to having pets. We have had a cat for the past ten years, but never owned a dog as adults. We have a...
  2. Oh what luck I had today... :(

    Off Topic
    I am completely warn out now. I woke up, then I relized that it was pouring water, not just outside, or into my pond, but into my house threw my friggin' window, no not window, windowS All four of them that had air conditioners in them. ARG! I had to face a desision. Be hot and feeling like I am...