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  1. Dog Grooming Forum
    Hi everyone, I just had a quick question in regards to my Bernese Mountain dog and her undercoat. She is just over a year old making this summer the first one where she is experiencing shedding. I typically use the Oster Combo brush on her coat, which has a side for the top and undercoat, and is...
  2. Dog Grooming Forum
    Our dog's a border terrier/chihuahua mix (I've attached a photo of how she looks like). I used to take her to the local groomer, but they always shave her bald that she looks ends up looking like a hairy kiwi. I know border terrier's have an undercoat and to groom them properly, you need to use...
  3. Dog Grooming Forum
    I recently bought a curry brush for my 2 dogs and have been brushing them twice a week. Should I stop using it after fall shedding, to allow the undercoat to grow back for winter? FWIW we live in Wisconsin, and they wear woolen sweaters on especially cold days. And they're lab mixes. Thanks!
1-3 of 4 Results