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  1. Dog Health Questions
    I recently got my 1 yr old French bulldog trimmed but suddenly after she developed these red spots all over her back. She has had a problem with allergies always because of something in her blood so I don't know if it's cause of the trimming or the shampoo I used to bathe her day before the trim
  2. General Dog Forum
    I have a dachshoun, shes 3 years old and recently its been impossible to trim her nails. She used to just lie in my lap and chill while is trimmed her nails, but now she is squirming like crazy! It started all of a sudden and i have tried everything, my dad gives her food while i slip, i ry...
  3. Dog Grooming Forum
    I have a Shishon, and since he does not shed, he has to get a haircut every 5 weeks or so, to keep him looking good. At the local groomer, I have two choices: I can get a scissor cut, which is very expensive, or a trimmer cut which is not as expensive, but leaves him looking like a tennis ball...
  4. Dog Grooming Forum
    Hello Everyone, I have a German Short Hair Pointer who doesn't wear down her nails. We clip them periodically but her claws are so brittle that they tend to split lengthwise. I know it causes her a lot of discomfort but we can't just let her nail grow and grow. Does anyone know a way to...
1-4 of 4 Results