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  1. Tricks/Commands that your dog(s) know :)

    General Dog Forum
    I just wanted to create a fun thread to know what sort of commands your pups know! I figured this could also give new ideas of what else I can teach my dog :) Mine knows the basic commands: sit, stay, come, ok, lay down, shake, drop it/leave it Fun/more advanced ones: - Roll over - Where is...
  2. Hello from a Corgi Owner :)

    Attention All New Members
    Hi! I'm a Corgi owner and I'm very excited about joining this blog. I recently started a Youtube channel for my Corgi: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh-sG79uulLlL70Xi6X8jkg I am hoping to share my progress in training my dog and teaching him tricks and getting advice from other members!
  3. Help teaching my dog to jump my lap!

    Dog Training Forum
    Irwin is an Australian shepherd border collie cross, he's a year and 1 month old and he's extremely intelligent and will do anything you want him to do (well, almost anything..) he very obedient, walks on a loose leash very nicely, and knows around 36 tricks. Despite this, he is also quite...
  4. My Dog is impossible to train!

    Dog Training Forum
    Basically, I rescued a 12 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He is a brilliant Dog, usually very calm and nice, loves just sitting with me when I pet him. But there is some HUGE problems that I feel I can't overcome. 1. I can't train him anything , he gets to excited when he smells food...
  5. "Chin" Trick vs "Shake" HELP

    Dog Training Forum
    Okay so I had tout my puppy how to shake, in which I put my hand out and ask for her paw. Now I added a new command called "Chin" in which I ask for the dog to rest her chin on my hand. Now when I put my hand out and ask for a shake she only does her chin command...how can I make her know the...
  6. Hardest Trick You've Trained?

    Dog Training Forum
    Just curious, some tricks are easy, but will still be difficult for some dogs to learn. I'd like to know what your absolute hardest trick to teach was and a few steps you had to take to help your dog master it! I haven't come across many tricks that were hard for Sans, but quite a few of them...
  7. What helped you choose your rescue dog? I need help getting a rescue adopted out.

    Dog Rescue Forum
    Hey all, I am training problem dogs for a rescue org and I am looking for ideas about what I could teach my current pup that would help him get adopted. So I am wondering if in your selecting a dog he/she knew some trick that made you know they were the one, or some aspect of their...
  8. What tricks can your dog do?

    Dog Training Forum
    Aside from the usual important training (recall etc), have you taught your dog any tricks? What can he/she do?
  9. Video: Hoy to teach jumping over people

    Dog Training Forum
  10. Teaching "take a bow"

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for teaching a dog to bow? More specifically, using luring. My dog doesn't offer it on enough occasions for me to capture it. We are having a real tough time with it. I've tried shaping, but his default position is "lie down," and he always lies down...
  11. Dog tricks

    General Dog Forum
    Heres a video of my puppy Loki. He's 5.5months now and these are just some of the tricks i've taught him. How I taught the tricks is in the discription of the youtube vid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HckHfoqz56g&feature=youtu.be
  12. Need New Tricks!

    Dog Training Forum
    What tricks does your dog know? I'm looking for new ideas to teach Gypsy. It's been 100+ degrees here, too hot to spend much time running around & playing fetch. My favorite types to teach her are those that we can do anywhere with no or minimal props, but feel free to share any cool tricks...
  13. Really want to teach my gf's new yorkie to do this

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    How can I teach him to walk like this dog does?
  14. Does anyone know about dog tricks involving farting?

    Dog Training Forum
    I just got a new puppy and have been teaching it to do some basic tricks like sit and stay but I want to move on to some more advanced tricks! I wanted to see if I could train it to do something cool every time I farted! Like maybe cover her nose or put her nose closer to my butty. Does anyone...
  15. Réglisse & Excel [Tricks]

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
  16. Amazing Dog Tricks [Video]

    General Dog Forum
  17. Trick Time!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Fidget doing her tricks!! I just uploaded it - let me know what you think!!! :wink:
  18. A little complex... "scary"

    Dog Training Forum
    So I got my pup in May. He is about to turn 9 months. He catches on to tricks pretty quick. We have been working on hand signals as well. He will sit, down, speak, high five, shake, paw, bow, and roll over with just hand signals. A group of friends and I are going to make a horror movie. It is...
  19. New Trick Ideas

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello Forum, I'm new to this site and I was wondering if I could get some more tips or ideas on what to train my one year old bernese mountain next. I have attached a link to a video showing the current things he knows how to do now and I would appreciate any new ideas. I also have a 2.5 year...
  20. I tried this and it worked so well with my akita!

    Dog Training Forum
    Im big on the do it urself kinda thing so when I was given an akita mix pup I new that with his breed I was going to need help he is no beagle like my other dog who was a fast learner and gave me no problems. I just really wanted to share a couple sites with everyone that worked for me and some...