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  1. Training Treats for a Senistive Stomach?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hello! I'm currently having some issues finding good snacks to give my dog when we're training. Yesterday we were working on our recall at the dog park, and I remembered back when we did puppy classes we were told things like cheese and hot dogs were good training treats. He can be difficult to...
  2. Safe chew Treats for Puppy

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    So an Internet friend and I are having a disagreement over beef trachea and pig's ears as chewing relief for a 10 week old puppy. She's of the opinion that they're not safe at all because of toxins and salmonella, while I'm of the opinion (after some research after her comment) they're okay in...
  3. Preparing cheese bits as a tiny dog reward: freeze, dry, fresh?

    Dog Food Forum
    Clicker training here and want a tiny bit of cheese to use as high-value reward. Only want 100% ched cheese, chopped into tiny bits, so no recipes, please. How to best prepare/transport this? Can I dry them on the counter or something? My past experience was oven-dried hot-dogs, but not...
  4. Treat advice!

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi there! Looking for some advice as to what treats, bones, etc. would be good for a 2 month old puppy! Right now we bought "Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Tender Beef Recipe Soft-Moist Training Dog Treats" and our pup loves them! We give them to him while we're potty training right now. I'm wondering...
  5. Puppy hates treats

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello there :) I'm sorry if this may be a repetitive subject in here but I got a new puppy, she's 6 weeks old today and I've had her for an entire week. She eats well and loves to play but I just can't seem to find a treat to catch her attention to get to the teaching part. I've tried apple...
  6. QT Dog Treats and Chews?

    Dog Food Forum
    At one of the stores I'm doing events at they sell Steer Jerky 30 inch skins which is from QT dog. I liked the product, it's kind of gross but it looks/feels/smells very natural. Is anyone familiar with this company? I can't seem to find their products on Chewy or similar which is a shame...
  7. Bland treat alternatives when battling diarrhea?

    Dog Food Forum
    Bland treat alternatives* when battling diarrhea? We just finished our first round of Panacur for Giardia. Benji's stools were looking better for a few days when I was feeding him chicken with broth to get him to take his medicine. After we finished, I started to add regular kibble back in to...
  8. Short & Long-Term Confinement and Treats

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I have reserved a Golden Retriever puppy and have been doing research. I have been reading up on how to housebreak a puppy and I was wondering if it is essential to have a long-term confinement area and a short-term confinement area? I was going to buy a crate but was wondering if I must buy a...
  9. Training Treats Give 8wk Lab Diarrhea

    Dog Food Forum
    I have an 8wk old lab we are trying to crate train, as well as basic commands. The treats we have been using give him diarrhea-- so bad he had an accident in his crate. Have tried Dingo Training Treats, Canine Carry Outs- bacon flavor, even deli ham. (all broken into very small pieces) For...
  10. Home made dog treats

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi everybody don't know if I can post this here but my husband and I spent lots of time putting together a nice ebook with dog treats you can make at home. Especially with our picky eater (6 year old beagle) but she loves it. There are 150 easy and some who need a little more effort fun...
  11. Fourth of July Special!

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  13. How many different types of food/treats do you have on hand at once?

    Dog Food Forum
    I have this bad habit (or maybe good habit depending on how you look at it) of buying food and treats for my dog anytime I find a good deal on something high quality, or something new I'd like to try, regardless of if he needs it. I just looked and realized that my "collection" is getting a...
  14. Homemade Dog Food/Treat Recipes

    Dog Food Forum
    After my post about the best treats for dogs, I decided to just try and make my own. It was one of the first really nice days of the year so I decided to make my boy some homemade peanut butter yogurt ice pops. 1 Cup peanut butter 1 (32 oz) container plain low-fat yogurt Just melt the peanut...
  15. Best and Worst Treats For Dogs (And why)

    General Dog Forum
    Recently Rosco and I took a trip to Petco, Petsmart and severeal other small businesses to see what kind of treats they offered. Once we got there I realized that I had no idea what I was doing. I decided to go home and do some research before I bought anything. That didn't go so well. I came...
  16. Who says Akita's can't be trained?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    My Akita, Kuma leaving a bunch of treats that I dropped in front of him. Here's the video that goes along with it!! http://www.youtube.com/user/akitadog24?feature=mhee
  17. Not food motivated at all?

    Dog Food Forum
    I've noticed that my puppy is not food/treat motivated. I've especially noticed in training classes. And this makes training at home really difficult. She does take treats but only if there are zero distractions. No distractions are really hard though since I have a roommate and a cat that my...
  18. How many green beans is too many?

    Dog Food Forum
    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this. I know green beans are often suggested as "filler" for a dog on a diet, but as we're working on Snowball (not) barking at things out the window and I thought I'd try some left over steamed green beans to see how it'd go. Very well...
  19. Natural Healthy Treats

    General Dog Forum
    This is my first time posting so please be nice :) How many of you give your dogs Natural Healthy treats? I have been giving my dogs healthy treats for about a year now. They love them! If anyone is looking for a great place to get some, My dogs can not get enough of Bark 'n Bones...
  20. Treats to take to a shelter?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hey everyone! I am currently in-search of a new dog to adopt (my first!). I went to my local shelter last weekend, and am going to a new one this weekend that's in the same area as the last one. I found a dog I felt I connected with quite well at the first shelter, so if I don't see anything I...