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  1. Dog Health Questions
    hello, my dog is 4 years old and comes from South Italy. Recently heartworms were detected and now his Therapie started. (1 Month Roxyboctin-2 times a day and his first advocate spot on). In the 3rd month he will get 3 shots for killing them all. He has already grown heartworms, but none in...
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  3. Dog Health Questions
    Hi, I have 2 labradors and every month I protect them against fleas and ticks applying the frontline treatment, and even it's effective I think it's a little expensive because it lasts only one month. I've heard about the new pill called "bravecto" or the neckless, have you proved those...
  4. General Dog Forum
    My dog has fungal on her nails. She was diagnosed with Ringworm. Some of her nails or a beige like color. I have the UV lamp and can see the fungal on her nails. I have been thinking for a long time about applying human drugstore nail fungal liquid treatments of lotions thinking that it may work...
  5. Dog Health Questions
    Hi guys I'm getting sick of advocate I have a husky dog and it's impossible to get the stuff on her skin and not actually all over her fur. What other heart worm and flea tick treatments that are really good preferably in a tablet form as my pups happy to eat anything.
  6. General Dog Forum
    So I have three dogs and two cats. Not personally all mind but they live together. And finding a medication that covers the most areas of protecting them helps save money so we're not buying tons of different pills. I read this article (below) comparing brands and, in my opinion, K9 Advantix and...
  7. Dog Health Questions
    Is there such a thing? Sansa looks to be too Collie-like for them to even consider giving her Ivermectin which would apparently do the trick and is only at most $20 at our local Peavey Mart. They said they could do the Collie test but it's about $200 to get done. However if she gets the...
  8. Dog Health Questions
    This is coming from another thread but I didn't want to hijack it with my own questions. Snowball is ~10 years old. He is, I think, in excellent health, most people we talk to are surprised when they hear his age. I'd never really noticed any stiffness before, other than several hours or so...
  9. Dog Health Questions
    Hello All, My wife and I recently adopted a 2 year old border collie mix from a rescue group. We were surprised to learn after the adoption that she was heartworm positive. We found out at our first vet visit. We were surprised that the rescue group was not aware. They have...
  10. General Dog Forum
    it looks bacterial, fungi maybe? its wet and looks gross, anyone have any tips ?
  11. Dog Health Questions
    I own a 10 1/2 year old male Shar Pei/Lab mix - Bruiser. Great demeanor, attitude and health. Over the past month or so, his Right eye has begun to bulge farther and farther out. His thir eyelid is exposed and the eyelid does not fully close. His physical attitude is a roller coaster from...
  12. Dog Health Questions
    Hello, First i would like to introduce myself, as I am new to this forum. I am Justin and I have opened my home to fostering rescue dogs. My current project is Gadget who has been suffering from GENERALIZED DEMODECTIC MANGE. I have been taking care of him since February of this year and he...
1-12 of 13 Results