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treat motivated

  1. High-Value Treats Suggestions?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello everyone! I haven't posted here in a while. But in summary, Teddy is now enrolled in a reactive dog class! I know I failed to do some very important things during his puppyhood but I'm working to fix it. Yesterday was his first class (in the lucky dog sports club by Mindy Cox- she uses...
  2. Puzzle Toys: What do you use?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi there, I'd like some opinions on the different puzzle toys. I have two different shaped stuffable kong toys. One bone shaped and very open and the other ball shaped with two openings (one very narrow crumb-sized and the other dollar coin (loonie) sized. The ball is useful, the bone is only...
  3. Not food motivated at all?

    Dog Food Forum
    I've noticed that my puppy is not food/treat motivated. I've especially noticed in training classes. And this makes training at home really difficult. She does take treats but only if there are zero distractions. No distractions are really hard though since I have a roommate and a cat that my...