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  1. Traveling with a puppy

    General Dog Forum
    I need advice on whether or not to travel or leave my ~10 week old puppy behind with a friend for an upcoming trip. I live in San Francisco, CA and will be traveling to Lynnfield, MA for three weeks in August. I have spoken with the airline, and I can bring him with me provided that I get a vet...
  2. First time on a plane with American Eskimo—Tips please? (Southwest)

    General Dog Forum
    Hi all, My American Eskimo and I will be emBarking on our first journey above the clouds for the Thanksgiving holiday. We would appreciate any and all tips or experiences. Breed specific would be better, but anything helps! Potty advice, barking/howling incidents, how dogs of this breed may...
  3. Do you have a medium or large dog?

    General Dog Forum
    If you have a dog, would you like to travel abroad with your dog? If you have been on a trip, did you have any inconvenience?
  4. Travel crate for bedroom?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi! :wave: We will be getting our second dog (first puppy) in a few weeks. She is a labrador x cocker spaniel and will be 8 weeks old. We are going to crate train her to (hopefully) speed up house training but mostly to give her a cosy respite that is all hers to relax in should our 2 or 4 year...
  5. need advice for air travel with a dog

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone, In a few months I will be moving to the US, and will take my dog with me. My dog is about 7-8 months old atm (don't know the exact age, as we rescued her from the street when she was tiny), and already weighs about 50lbs (so I won't be able to take her in cabin). I would...
  6. Training for Travel/Hotels--I've Got 6 Months

    Dog Training Forum
    This coming fall my son will be leaving for college in NY (we live in Florida). As I haven't been out of this #*@#! state for about six years, and my beloved only boy is starting his life as an almost-adult 1,000 miles away, I'm hoping to be able to get up to NY to see him there shortly after he...
  7. Travel with pets

    Piddle Place
    I was sharing this list of posh hotels from Destinations Magazine, and thinking about travel to stay with my friends and family Before we had our Indoor pet potty we used puppy pads, yuck! They were okay in my home, where no one could see, but then we started traveling. Do you ever put off...
  8. pet friendly travel

    General Dog Forum
    Wow, someone sent me this link for the top 10 pet friendly hotels. My Jazz deserves this, but I will have to mortgage my home! I think we all need to grab our fur babies, and hit the road. I would be fun if we all put one of these destinations on our calendar, and meet there! 5000 pups in...
  9. Collapsible Silicone Travel Bowls

    Dog Food Forum
    Does anyone have a recommendation on collapsible silicon travel water/food bowls. Or a reason why their good/bad? History: For a while Kayla was refusing to eat. I'd put her bowl down and she'd have no interest, I'd pull it up after 15 minutes of her not eating, and not feed her (breakfast)...
  10. 3 Weeks apart

    General Dog Forum
    My dog is going to be staying with my parents for 3 weeks. They're local so he already has spent a ton of time with them at their house, I have no worries there. Just wondering if anyone has experience with how to make a smooth transition for him to their house and then back to mine again...
  11. Escape artist

    Dog Training Forum
    My dog escaped from his plastic travel crate. I have been crate training him for months in preparation for a plane ride. But he chewed the plastic part that was holding the latch. Since then, I bought a new crate and have been keeping him there at night and for 1-2.5 hour periods while I run...
  12. Air travel with dogs

    Dog Health Questions
    I am moving soon and taking my dogs with me. They will have to be on a plane for two 7 hours flights. They will be in the cargo area. Any advice for traveling with dogs? Thanks
  13. Moving Internationally

    General Dog Forum
    It's looking more and more likely that my hubby and I will move to China after I graduate. I've been doing some research on our options out there, but none of them seem particularly appealing. There's flying with the dog in cargo, but we've all heard the horror stories about dogs sitting in the...
  14. Single, full-time job, and considering getting two puppies.

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    The title says it all. I'll try to be succinct and give only pertinent details. I will be graduating college soon and taking a job in a new city. PROBLEM: The job requires 5-15% travel. This travel can include several weekend trips throughout the year, as well as the possibility of being gone...
  15. Question about getting our new puppy home across country

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Our schitzu just passed away after 12 wonderful yrs. What a great companion & friend he was. We want to get another dog from the same breeder in Wisconsin because her dogs are bred for excellent, gentle temperament, to be great with kids, very little barking, high levels of intelligence...
  16. Need car seat recommendation

    General Dog Forum
    My 16 pound Westie has outgrown her car seat. Does anyone have a recommendation for a replacement? Thanks.
  17. Picking up a new puppy- which scenario is better

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello, I will be picking up a puppy next month. I live in NY and the puppy (smooth fox terrier) is in LA. I'm originally from southern CA and my mom still lives there. I will be flying back to NY with the 9 week old puppy (in main cabin). I'm wondering which of the following situations...
  18. Separate crate for home use and traveling?/Used crates?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi! first time dog owner/new to this forum. Trying to do all my research before I take home my first pup :) My question: Do you guys use a separate crate for car/plane rides? It doesn't seem like a big deal to most people but I'm worried that if my pup has a traumatic experience traveling in...
  19. Driving 8 Hours with a HorseDog

    General Dog Forum
    My sister is coming to visit for Xmas and boarding Tucker has gotten so expensive for her. I haven't seen him in sooo long so I want her to bring him. Only problem is, he's a 150 lbs. Great Dane/Rotweiler mix with the heart of a puppy (he's 3). He wouldn't last very long in the car. My sis is up...
  20. Training and behavior articles

    General Dog Forum
    Hello all, I just read some really interesting articles by Alana Stevenson and I thought I'll share them. Here's a few about dog training and behavior. http://www.dogtrip101.com/resources/58-training-and-behavior.html And one about safe car travel with your dog...