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  1. first time fostering a dog with PTSD

    Dog Rescue Forum
    Hi all: Wow, I have so many questions. My husband and I are fostering a dog from our local rescue for the first time ever and we have a pretty difficult little girl. Lila was rescued six weeks ago from a situation where she was chained up, emaciated, and attempting to protect her puppies...
  2. Help with dog head trauma.

    Dog Health Questions
    Hey everyone I just signed up to the forum because I have a question about my puppy. I got him when he was about 4 weeks old, I did not know that puppies were supposed to stay longer with their mother and neither did the irresponsible breeder. (he is a male black and brown mini chihuahua)...
  3. New Livestock Guard Dog owner

    General Dog Forum
    His name is Montana, after the state I got him in, and he is a 7 week old Akbash/Pyrenees. So far I think I'm simply anxieting because my last dog who I had many years ago died of diabetes when I was very young, and would hate for history to repeat itself. So far it's only been a couple of...
  4. Pomeranian Puppy with 2 Broken Legs

    Dog Health Questions
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  5. Female German Shepherd TERRIFIED of fireworks (and storms) ... Please Help

    General Dog Forum
    Female German Shepherd TERRIFIED of fireworks (and storms) ... Please Help Hi fellow Dog Lovers, My friend owns a female German Shepherd at about the age of four, "Sam". Sam is terrified of fireworks and thunder. Whenever either of these two events occur, she goes into a mode of high alert and...
  6. Maltese/ ShihTzu acting strange after being sent to the groomers

    General Dog Forum
    My 5 year old shih tzu/maltese was taken to the groomers last friday by my mom. She have always been pretty aggressive when it come to strangers so it was not a new thing for me to hear that she has been aggressive in the groomers.She was only trimmed, not shaved We have been sending her to the...
  7. Outside anxiety

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello all, I am a new member here and I have this dog called Furby. We bought him from the farmer guy when he was 3 months old. He is very intelligent and sweet, but he has this problem- he doesnt want to go outside. Perhaps its the leach he is affraid of, because I noticed him being curious of...
  8. Horrified!

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Groomer Injures Pup!! I am sharing this because I really want to know if anyone else has experienced this, know someone who experienced this, or can offer any information regarding this kind of scenario. I have NEVER in my life experienced this horrific event until now and I want to hear your...