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  1. Basic Command Training for Chow Chow Pup

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi this is my first post on this site. I just got a 15 week chow chow pup I named Blair. She’s a very sweet, friendly and calm puppy. But I’m having a hard time training her for basic command (stay, sit, come, etc) I tried using a clicker and treats but after speaking to the breeder, she said...
  2. Puppy peeing outside my room door

    Dog Training Forum
    My puppy is in the midst of house training and he recognizes the pee tray as his toilet but as soon as I shut my room door, he goes right outside. I know he wants to come in but I'm trying to teach him that he cant always be in my room. How do I stop him from doing this?
  3. Border Collie refuses to be potty trained

    Dog Training Forum
    My girlfriend has a 6 month old border collie who we have been trying to potty train for some time. He has a lot of accidents, but not in the usual sense. We take him out quite often, and he goes every time we do. He is trained in that regard. He is also trained to come, sit, and other basic...
  4. I'm lost (puppy whining at night)

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello everyone! I have seen a question kind of similar to mine asked here before, but after many sleepless nights my questions have doubled. I have a puppy at 2 and a half months old, she is a mixed breed, but in my opinion very much jack russell-y :D. We (my mom and I) got her at 45 days...
  5. Training Tips Shiba Inu

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi! Does anyone have some training tips/basic tips for a new shiba owner? I want to prepare for the puppy and give my self the best chance to not be "trained" by the dog instead knowing their fiery personalities :)
  6. Training without treats. Help.

    Dog Training Forum
    My puppy doesn't have an interest in treats. I have tried bacon, beef, and chicken. He just sniffs the treat and then looks at me. I find this odd because he is half German Shepherd, which are known to be food hounds. So without the use of treats I am in need of guidance on how to train him...
  7. Puppy was sleeping through the night, now wakes up!

    General Dog Forum
    Hello! I thought I had my 10 week old puppy down on a good schedule. He'd go to bed around 10-11pm and we'd wake up around 6-7am. He is crate trained, and prefers to sleep in his crate. The first week he was waking up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, but now he holds it until I...
  8. Dog won't stop barking at my father.

    Dog Training Forum
    My 11 month old small dog is quiet most of the time. He might bark every now and then at a noise or a stranger the 5 second before he falls in love with them and he barks at the opossum that come around at night. But he won't stop barking at my dad. They get along great. He especially loves my...
  9. Puppy Leash Reactivity

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I have a 6 month old cocker spaniel/chihuahua mix named Osha... She's full of energy, loves everyone and is very smart! We've been training her from the minute we got her (at 4 months)-- she knows many commands and responds well. We've been socializing her like crazy, too. I've taken her on the...
  10. Potty Training Help!

    Attention All New Members
    This is my first post, so im not entirely sure how many replies I will get but here goes. I have a 7 month old Chihuahua who is a smart girl but she's soo stubborn for potty training! I have a puppy pad for her in the kitchen( where she spends her time cause she pottys everywhere!) and she will...
  11. Hello I got a new puppy

    Attention All New Members
    Hello I am new here and I got a new puppy his name is Loki he is a beagle. It is mostly for my 5 year old son who has autsim. I adopted him from the humane society. Loki is 2 months almost 3 months old. Since we got him and I put him up in his room in the utility room he barks, yelps, and howls...
  12. All I Want to do is Play Fetch!

    Dog Training Forum
    I've read sososoo many threads on getting my puppy to play fetch with me, but she's completely 0% interested in the game. Okay... I'm selling her short. She's about 10% interested in the game. The only way I can get her to even go after the ball is if I either chase her, or race her to the...
  13. Reintroducing new puppy to an existing dog

    Attention All New Members
    I probably did everything wrong in the book when I brought home a homeless puppy to my home. I did one thing right when I allowed my dog to sniff the puppy and have them go for a bathroom break together before bring them to my house. However the puppy didn't know the boundaries and bothered my...
  14. mycharliegirl

    Attention All New Members
    Just joined, have new Malchi pup, and browsing for helpful info!!!
  15. Puppy biting only on walks

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, I have a beautiful 4 month old Bernese mountain dog X standard poodle puppy who is so well behaved and doing very well with training... EXCEPT!!: I take him on 2-3 short walks a day, between 20-40 mins, (he is a large breed so am not supposed to overwalk him.) When he goes off leash on...
  16. Is it Effective, Fair, and Ethical to Train Dog to Leave It Before Dinner

    Dog Training Forum
    My 8 week old Vizsla puppy (male) seems to lose interest in training to "Leave It" if he is not hungry. Just wondering about the forum members' thoughts on training him before dinner when he's hungry, and I've obviously got his attention. Thanks.
  17. Help with house training!!!!!!!!!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello everyone I had just signed up for this site tonight because we had just gotten two new puppies Duchess and Prince and we find it hard house training them. Can any of you give me some tips or stories. I posted the dog's problems below under their names. They are both 5 / almost 6 months old...
  18. 4 Month Pomeranian Puppy HELP!!

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a four month Pomeranian puppy.. Who has funny habits when going potty.. I can usually get him to pee outside on command which is really good so thats not really a problem but when he goes to poop he just wont go outside, he whines and whines for about 40mins and refuses to go outside, ive...