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  1. I must do something!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello everyone, my dog Gus is 9 years old and doesn't have an actual race, it's more of a mix between a jack russell and a sheepdog... Anyways, when we first got the dog at the age of (somewhere around) 9 months, we didn't really know what to do as he was going to be our first dog ever. We...
  2. how to stop a 6 month old puppy from whining?

    Dog Training Forum
    i have two 6 month old boxer mix pups from the same litter and max will not stop whining. i got max and Deasle at about 4 months of age and they were the last 2 left from their litter. they were previously kennel trained before i got them and shortly after i got kennels myself for them he starts...
  3. Puppy Wont Stop Biting.

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I have an eight week old beagle puppy that bites everything he sees. He will run over to you and sit down and when you reach down and start petting him he bites. The only way he wants to play is by biting. I have tried telling him no and have tried saying ouch every time he bites, but he doesnt...
  4. The best way to train your dog!

    Dog Training Forum
    I've found this on the internet, when I was looking how to train my dog. I have a labrador and any other advices didn't help me to train. I though it was the worst dog in the world, until I found this. ---Secrets to Dog Training Package--- I couldn't believe, but it was the right choice and...