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  1. Adventures in DIY toy-making

    General Dog Forum
    I've been trying for a while making a rope toy with two Kong balls. Using regular rope (Nylon) was a big bust. Within seconds I could see fibers flying off. Yesterday I tried combining two toys, taking a rope/floss toy and untying its knots to add two Kong balls. Well... she loved it...
  2. Kongs!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    So I heard the Kong is probably the most essential toy to get. My female lab puppy will be coming home at 9 weeks old. I was looking at the different sizes available, and I just don't know which one would be the best for her! Should I get her a puppy kong to begin with or just get her a normal...
  3. Maltipoo Puppy Lily - pink nose, pads and rims

    Attention All New Members
    Hi, this is my first post on here, just wanted to see how many maltipoo parents have a maltipoo baby with pink points? Lily also has very green eyes which are noticeable when under the light!
  4. Toy Manchester Terriers

    General Dog Forum
    I was just wondering if there were any owners of Toy Manchester Terriers out there? I currently am living for the first time on my own, and have a modest apartment with a small yard (and a dog park down the street). I have been researching Toy Manchester Terriers for some time and think they...
  5. Small/toy breed dog food suggestions

    Dog Food Forum
    I have a nearly 5 lb pomeranian (9 months old.) He is currently on Wellness Super5 Mix Small Breed. I have no complaints, but I was wondering if there is anything you might suggest instead of Wellness. I would like the food to be geared toward small or toy breed dogs. Brands I've been...
  6. make your own dog toys - safe material

    General Dog Forum
    Seriously, I need to be a dog toy designer. I'm annoyed with the offerings out there. Some are fine, but crazy expensive for something that is so easily destroyed. Ok, so I look at these toys and wonder if they are using special ropes or special fabric. If so, where can I get this tuff...
  7. Raw Food Dispenser?

    Dog Food Forum
    So I know there are several kibble dispensing toys around that will slow down a dog's eating and keep him/her occupied for a while. But are there any similar variants for raw food? Would it be too difficult or encourage destructive tendencies if I try to use an empty oatmeal container? Henry...
  8. Hello from Shreveport La!!!

    Attention All New Members
    Hello all.. This is Fox!! He's my rescued dog and did I get lucky!!! :clap2: I really don't know what breed he is? I like to mess with people and tell them he's a mini german shepherd. He stands a little over a foot tall from floor to his back and he's about a foot and half long not including...
  9. Looking for a specific red rubber dog toy!

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone! I'm new to these forums and website. I was wondering if anyone could help me find a specific dog toy. The toy is a red rubber ball-like toy, with two half-circles connected by a small ball in the middle. I've included a picture of this toy. I am looking to purchase this toy if I can...
  10. Great new toy I found

    General Dog Forum
    So my buddy frank told me about this super duper dog toy that is insanely durable. So i got one and its fantastic. Its a water bowl, fetch toy, and chew toy. My dog Lucy loves it. Its made from rubber and nylon and tested safe. The story about the guys who made is even better... THREE college...