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tibetan spaniel

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  1. General Dog Forum
    after moving to the city and settling into my new apt, I was trying to decide what type of apt-friendly dog to adopt... after some research, the two breeds I narrowed it down to are either an Iggy or a Tibbie... ( I have owned & cared for many types of dogs and pets before, but never either of...
  2. Dog Health Questions
    Paranoid obsessive first-time dog owner is BACK! ^^ (Thanks again for all your patience everyone!) I've noticed that Pixel, our 1-2 year old Tibbie mix (we think), only has tear stains by one eye (her right), and I have also noticed that she sometimes "winks" only that eye. Is this normal...
  3. Dog Health Questions
    I apologize for needing advice again so soon but (and this is an important disclaimer to the whole post): I tend to over-worry! SHORT FORM: we called the vet with the following symptoms: nose-blowing, intermittent coughing, and some vomiting. The vet gave us meds. We then discovered the...
  4. Dog Health Questions
    We just got what we think is a Pomeranian/Tibetan Spaniel mix from the shelter this past week- we took her home on Wednesday night. Mostly things are going well, but I'm concerned about her eating habits. She rarely eats food put in front of her and if left out she may or may not eat any of it...
1-4 of 4 Results