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throwing up

  1. My Puppy Refuses To Eat And Has Diarrhea

    Dog Food Forum
    I have a 4 month old, almost 5 months Labrador Retriever named Lucy. I was feeding her Purina Puppy Chow until my vet said it wasn't a good brand for large breed dogs. She said she feeds her dog Iams and I should switch. I would do half Purina and half Iams to get Lucy used to the Iams and she...
  2. Bella, 3 month old.. throwing up

    Dog Health Questions
    She just started early this morning. She hasn't eaten or drank anything since then. Or even before the throwing up. She was sound asleep in bed with us. Suddenly the puking started. I did notice tho when I got up to get paper toweling that one of her doggie diapers was on the floor chewed up. ...
  3. 7 year old Papillion losing weight, not eating, throwing up

    Dog Health Questions
    We rescued our papillion Radar 5 years ago and he's a total sweetheart, loves people, total cuddlebug. My dad is his person and he has an invisible five-foot leash on him. This has been progressing slowly, not enough for us to notice til now, as he was once pretty hefty. But he's not eating...
  4. help! my puppy is throwing up white foam!

    Dog Health Questions
    my puppy has been throwing up white foam for 3 days now. I can't get him to eat anything without throwing it back up immeditally. I can't get him to drink anything either. I have tried cooking plain chicken and when I gave him a small bite he threw it back up. I have also took his food bowl...
  5. Mysterious Rash --Please help

    Dog Health Questions
    My roommate's weimaraner/doberman mix has a reoccurring rash that has come back in full force. Sometimes she vomits when she gets these rashes, sometimes not. My roommate has taken her to the vet in the past and she was loosely diagnosed with a food allergy. With no answers and many vet bills...
  6. Motion Sickness

    Dog Training Forum
    My 7 month old get sick and pukes during just about any car ride. Tonight, while taking a short ride after he already puked earlier today, he made this smacking noise every 10-15 seconds. His blanket had a lot of wet marks from the saliva that came with the smacking noise. He usually pukes...
  7. HELP! Nursing puppy is throwing up!

    Dog Health Questions
    I am an experienced breeder and have had several litters but this is the first time I have had a young puppy (just under 2 weeks) throw up. The rest of the litter seem fine so far. The stool is yellow and looks normal. No blood in the stool, mother is up to date on all vaccinations and was...