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  1. Territorial Chihuahua with baby on the way

    Dog Training Forum
    I apologize in advance, because this might be a novel, but I feel it's important to give you a feel for our dynamics before I ask for advice. Our situation is this: my husband and I have a pack of dogs- 1 male german shepherd mix (7 y/o), 1 male lab/bassett mix (3 y/o), and 1 female chihuahua...
  2. Rescue may not be the right fit for me

    Dog Rescue Forum
    So, I qualify for an emotional support animal (esa) on my college campus and I've decided to adopt since getting a puppy would be a time commitment I can't fully make(I have time for daily walks and regular training sessions, but not housetraining or socialization). My esa wouldn't need any...
  3. Resource guarding issue?

    General Dog Forum
    My 16 month female rescue APBT is very protective over my bedroom, my bed in particular. She is very territorial of our home in general to strangers, but to ANYONE who comes into my room. We will be sitting in bed and for example, my brother will come in. As soon as she hears the door she starts...
  4. Issues with strangers at the door/in the home

    General Dog Forum
    I have a year and 4 month old female Pit Bull that I rescued. She suffers with anxiety, especially separation, but all around is an extremely sweet and friendly girl. The only issue I've always had with her, is when unfamiliar people come to the door and inside our home. She barks and growls and...
  5. Introducing new people to territorial dog

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello to all! I have a 3 yr old spayed female border collie mix, Vilya. Overall she's a very good dog. When I take her out for walks she's all sweetness with people who approach her and she socializes well with other dogs (except the very tiny ones, especially if they bark at her first). My...
  6. Grumpy Shar-pie/Lab mix

    General Dog Forum
    I have 2 dogs. One is a 4 year old Shar-pei/Lab (Looney) mix and the other is a 1 year old American Bulldog/Boxer mix (Bromley). Our issue is that Looney randomly gets overly grumpy and also will hardly play if Bromley is around. For example: When in bed, if you so much as touch Looney...
  7. Dog is territorial over her collar?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi. I have 5 dogs, but only three of them live with me. One of them is territorial over her collar. With people she trusts, she lets them take her collar off or pet her neck, but she get very anxious when it's off and she pushes the collar or the person until they put it back on. With new...
  8. Young Dog vs. Older Dog. Help!

    General Dog Forum
    I am a very proud owner of two Welsh Pembroke Corgis. One is four years old and the other is two years old. We had a pretty scary incident today of the younger one, Ed, attacking our older corgi, Ein. Ein has a habit of running over to the side of our fenced in yard to bark at the neighbors...
  9. Barking obsessively at friend/ future roommate

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hey, I just adopted a manchester terrier beagle mix about two weeks ago. He has been okay most of the time but he barks obsessively. The only time he would bark before is for attention, but today my friend came over and Tidus (the dog) just started to bark at her. He was fine when he met her...
  10. My dog is showing signs of aggression towards my girlfriend entering my room

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a small african basenji/chihuahua mix that is showing signs of aggression towards people entering my room. He is relatively shy outside of my apartment, but when in the apartment he is overprotective. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Travis
  11. Correcting some newly developed bad behaviors

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello, My 4-legged children and I just moved a few weeks ago into a new apartment/neighborhood. Our previous address was chosen specifically because the building population consisted entirely of 9-to-5-ers. We have, for financial gain, moved into a roommate situation in a much more lively...
  12. Need training advice.

    General Dog Forum
    I need some help. My partner has two American Staffies, (about 5 years old each). Which the two of us look after. They are very loveable dogs but are very over excitable and can be hard to contain around other dogs. Today two young kids come up to our door with a lost dog. I had the front door...
  13. My mini Yorkie is attacking my Pitbul! HELP

    Attention All New Members
    Sassy is my 4 year old female, mini yorkie. (I also have a 5 year old pit bull and a 1 year old chorkie). My room mates moved in with their two dogs, also a 5 year old pit bull Lady and a 2 year old mix. All the dogs are very well behaved until they get playful and that's when we start having...
  14. Dog poops by food bowl.

    Dog Training Forum
    We have two dogs, Carly and Maggie. They both eat in the mud room after being taken outside to go potty. Both are potty trained and 3 yrs old except Carly likes to poop in the house if she can. Lately we take her out, she does her thing, comes back in to eat, then the second she takes the last...
  15. aggression toward babies... please help

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a great mostly friendly sometimes territorial 5 year old dog. First time my dog ever showed aggression was when my new boyfriend moved in. My dog was sleeping on our bed as he had done with me for years. My boyfriend tried to climb into bed and my dog snapped at him. From this day forward...
  16. Help! Dog constantly marking everything! Territorial

    General Dog Forum
    Hello to you all. I am new to this forum. I am looking for some help regarding my dog Fergus. He is a one-year-old (this month) Irish Setter/Golden Retriever mix. I love him a lot but I am at my wits end concerning his constant marking of my house and territorial issues. He was potty-trained at...