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  1. Boston Terrier Frisbee Vid..

    General Dog Forum
    So I got bored and decided to put my random phone videos to use, and I got the chance to try out my upgraded iMovie. Remember, small dogs are people, too! Wait.. you know what I mean..
  2. What Kind of Pit Bull mix do you thing Dessa is?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    What Kind of Pit Bull mix do you think Dessa is? We adopted Dessa from the Humane society 11 months ago. At that time she was 2 months old and 10 pounds. We were told that she was a apbt. As she is getting older we believe that she may possibly be mixed with something else. She is now just...
  3. Taz is really getting big

    Dog Pictures Forum
    OY! Taz! Who said you could get so big? lol My boyfriend managed to take a somewhat decent picture of Taz last night. You see that collar he's wearing? It's a medium. I checked it this morning and it's now too tight for him and I can't adjust it anymore. So guess who's getting a large collar...
  4. Fidget and her friend Maggie! Funny pics, lol.

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Fidget finally found another dog that will play with her, lol. Three year old Maggie, a Jack Russell X Beagle. Too bad she lives so far away! They could be best buddies... At first Fidget had her tail tucked and hackles raised WHILE they were playing...but after a while she got used to it and...
  5. A Photoshoot with Fidget!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Just took these photos a few minutes ago :p Hope you enjoy!
  6. How do you deal with high energy terrier barking, getting excited about neighbours?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Straight forward question - how do you calm down a very high energy manchester terrier who gets up and starts barking at anything remotely "new" in his environment (environment being an apartment building in this case)? As in, if he's lying down calm on a couch/floor, even half-asleep, tired...
  7. 10 things about my dogs

    General Dog Forum
    Just something I came up with to past the time and share the interesting things about my three boys. Feel free to join in. Kodi 1. Likes to sleep under the covers of my bed with me when it's cold (which is nice because he keeps me warm too lol). 2. He HATES watermelon 3. He LOVES popcorn 4...
  8. I'm not really new to this site, but . . .

    Attention All New Members
    It's been so long since I've been on I don't remember too much about my old account lol I was formerly pomchi mama but it was with an old email that I do not remember the details for. Well, it's been about a year since we took in the first new member of our family, Kodiak (Kodi), a...
  9. Fidget Photos - NEW Camera!!!!!!!!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    SO I got a new camera for Christmas. A Canon Powershot SX20IS. It is 12MP and has a 20x zoom. It's awesome. Want to see how awesome? Look at these photos...
  10. I LOVE my Dog but STOP BARKING!!!

    General Dog Forum
    Hey guys, sometimes when i'm just chillin with my dog and the slightest noise at the door; he will go crazy and start barking! :lol: however this also makes me feel good because i know that at night i can relax and sleep cuz anyone try anything i know he will alert me, heh. so i love my dog...
  11. Collapsed Trachea in Old Terrier

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello I have a 14-15 year old Terrier mix that is in perfect health aside from having a collapsed trachea (ok and I suppose some hearing loss too :]). He's had the "goose honk" cough of a collapsed trachea since my family brought him home when he was around 1 year old. He was in an abusive...
  12. Bully likes rabbits & accordions

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Bully likes rabbits, see: AND accordions, see:
  13. Bully likes accordions

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Administrator, DELETE PLEASE Administrator, DELETE PLEASE
  14. Terrier Grooming Question

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Okay, I have a Westie show dog that we think has a good chance of finishing his championship this upcoming show if we can have him well groomed. We asked two people for their opinions, and they contradict each other entirely. According to a Westie breeder for the last 15 years: To get a dog’s...
  15. What breed is my puppy?

    General Dog Forum
    My girlfriend and I just rescued Sprocket from a kill shelter, so he didn't come with really any information. They said he is a small terrier mix, which is as vague as can be. After looking over the internet we've decided he is at least part patterdale terrier if not pure. But I want some second...
  16. What breed of dog, and how old? Help the rescue effort

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Found on the side of the road, running with a buddy, we were able to catch her 3 days ago. She's very scared and I'm worried how the two will get along without each other. I've been feeding and watering the buddy once I found out her "home" in the woods. A neighbor said he's seen the dogs...
  17. Another Guess the Breed - Rescue Dog

    General Dog Forum
    I've rescued this dog from the roadside a few days ago and am trying to figure out what breed she is. She was running with a buddy but I could not catch her but I'm still trying. I hope they are doing ok without each other. It is snowing tonight here in Michigan and my heart is sinking for...
  18. Hello everyone! I just rescued a pooch and thought I'd join.

    Attention All New Members
    I have two dogs already, both Chow/German Shepherd mix, Boo and Wilson. Along with them I have a cat, Makayla, and a ferret, Oreo. I have a new addition to the family, a small dog I rescued from the side of the road. She is very scared but seems to be warming up to all of us, although her...
  19. Advice on rehoming puppy

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone, I bought a pure bred female Silky Terrier puppy from a puppy store almost 2 months ago. Now I have to move to Hawaii and she would have to get quarantined for 4 months, which I can't really afford. So basically I need to find a new home for her. I would like to sell her preferably...
  20. Would these breeds suit my lifestyle?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi, I've always wanted a dog and finally my family has all agreed that it is time to get one. I've been researching different breeds and I love West Highland Terriers and Cairn Terriers. Now the only problem is that I would have to leave the dog alone for almost 6 and a half hours 4-5 times a...