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terrier mutt

  1. What kind of dog is this

    General Dog Forum
    I know this isn't the greatest picture but could anybody tell me what they think this dog could be mixed with. The tag at the shelter says "Tan and White Terrier Mix" but i know that's not an actual breed. Plus I know that shelter's can't always identify a mix breed so the name it what it looks...
  2. help identifying mixed breed

    General Dog Forum
    This litter of pups was outside our fence this week. Lost or abandoned we're not sure, no one responds to our posted "found" sign, although 1 has a collar but no tags. We're thinking of keeping 1, but really not sure about the mix. We're wondering if it's either pit bull - Jack Russell (1st...
  3. Terriers & Terrier Mutts!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    I was brought up with dalmatians, but I find that the little terriers suit me better. All in agreement, post your terriers hehehe :D I have 2. Bobby (aka Bobblehead) & Breezy. We have a cat, also. She thinks she's a dog. Bobby...