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tear staining

  1. Brown stains on dog

    Dog Grooming Forum
    I've read all the threads here about brown stains on dogs -- tear stains, stains on the mouth and paws. None of these threads are helpful to my situation though. I have a white pitbull mix. She is on excellent grain-free food (Back to Basics). She is very well taken care of -- regular baths...
  2. Eyes water when he eats...anyone else have this problem?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi everyone, my 11 week old White Shepherd's eyes water when he eats. Its just clear tears but there is enough that they leave a 1/4-1/2 inch wet trail down his face. His eyes weep a little when he sleeps as well and I usually clean out a few small brown eye goobers in the morning. I clean...
  3. Is eye discharge a hazard?

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a Havanese/ Wheaton Terrier mix. This breed typically has some eye discharge (might be the same as "staining"). I have read tips for removing it, but my dog squirms a lot and doesnt like me touching so close to his eyes. Do I really *need* to remove it? It forms little crusty chunks that...