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  1. Dog Food Forum
    I was having a terrible time keeping my Anatolian Shepherd brushed, she is fixed but it was like there were puppies every where! The amount of hair coming off her was not only uncomfortable for her but my asthma. I tried my best to keep things clear to no avail. Finally I heard from my sister...
  2. Dog Food Forum
    Looking for a new dog food for my girls. Im tired of paying Blue Buffalo prices when I know there are other brands available. Currently, they are on Blue Buffalo Wilderness (Grain-free and high in protein). I saw some posts on here from last year about Activa that it contains bad ingredients...
  3. Dog Food Forum
    So I have started switching Mack, Golden Retriever, over to Taste of the Wild High Prairie from Large Breed Science Diet. I am switching due the TOTW being more nutritious and Mack's numerous ear infections that he has had since birth. After discussing my concerns on here, you guys helped me...
  4. Dog Food Forum
    Hi, Ever since getting our dog 6 months ago, I've been pretty obsessed with learning about dog food. The first brand we tried, Fromm chicken formula, worked great. We were lucky. Subsequent attempts at introducing new food didn't take as well. We tried Orijen SLOWLY for WEEKS, and still...
  5. Dog Food Forum
    anyone tried this brand before? is it gd?
  6. Dog Food Forum
    Since Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream is high protein I give all my dogs 2/3 cup of food a day. 1/3 in the morning and a 1/3 in the evening. Put I'm wondering if that's enough. I did an online food calculator thing http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-feeding-tips/dog-food-calculator/ that says...
  7. General Dog Forum
    So recently Gizmo has started shedding like crazy. If you pull on some fur ALOT of it comes out. I don't know whether or not he's losing his puppy coat and getting his adult coat or if its the TOTW Pacific Stream formula we switched him to. The other two dogs don't have this problem though Taz...
1-7 of 8 Results