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  1. Need Advice with Nail Trimming

    Dog Grooming Forum
    I have a small dog (11 pounds and 7 months old) and he absolutely hates getting his nails trimmed. He cries bloody murder at the vets and the second time he got his nails clipped the vet which was a different one from the first time cut one nail too short which didn't help matters. I wasn't...
  2. Our 5-month-old puppy is throwing scary tantrums!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello all! I hope you're in the mood for some heavy reading... :redface: My boyfriend and I both come from dog-owning families, but we are now officially first-time dog owners. Last month we rescued a 5-month-old beagle-collie mix named Gracie and she is very smart. She picks up on hand and...
  3. Puppy tantrums

    Dog Training Forum
    I have an 8-month old yellow lab/something mix who has always had a bit of a biting problem. We've managed to get most of it under control, but he still has little puppy tantrums. If we take away something he wanted, or try to use the pinch collar (without a leash, so we're grabbing the collar...
  4. Puppy tantrum? Should I be concerned?

    General Dog Forum
    So after owning Tiffera for 4 years I decided to finally get a second dog because I really missed going through the training (crazy, yeah?) I just adopted this little 10 week old Rottweiler/Australian shepherd mix and she is the most mellow puppy I have seen. (She is completely different from...