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sudden behavior change

  1. Sudden change in behavior in rescue

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    Three dogs. Female chow chow cocker spaniel is calm and likes to be left alone. Gunner, 2 1/2 year old male mutt rescue, had him for 2 years, always wanted to play with female and she started getting irritated, decided a playmate would be perfect for him. Almost 2 year old male mutt rescued mid...
  2. I think my one dog might be afraid of the other...Sudden behavior change in both dogs

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    Sorry for writing a novel but I needed to present a clear picture of the problem Okay we have two dogs. A 1 year old toy poodle and an 8 month old Jack russell Terrier mix. Now we got our girl the Jrt mix when our boy our poodle was 8 months old. They have been getting along great the whole...