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  1. Two more training questions--quiet at school, and people-training re: greeting

    Dog Training Forum
    I could use a few suggestions on two more things, if anyone cares to share: 1. I've been taking Naima to Intermediate obedience classes at Petsmart. She does quite well, considering that it's her first class and she's younger and quite a bit smaller than most of the other dogs in the class...
  2. barking at strangers even after give him treats after very bad experience; pls help!

    Dog Training Forum
    We had a horrible experience last week. A group of three winos surrounded him and were trying to be nice, but had no idea how to deal with dogs. I tried to make them go away ("that's enough now, he's getting upset"), but they wouldn't, and Enzo started barking at them. They walked away, and the...
  3. How do I make my dog calm around strangers?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My five month old Shih-Tzu/Poodle isn't good with strangers. Whenever someone she doesn't know enters the house, she barks and growls at them. I don't think it's aggression, though, because she doesn't bare her teeth. Just gets really noisy. Any idea how I can get her to calm down around strangers?
  4. Barking at the door/visitors

    Dog Training Forum
    I apologise if this has been covered a lot before but we are at our wits end and need help. We have a 2 year old collie cross who is generally well trained but we have one big stumbling block that we can't get over. Every time someone knocks on the door he goes mad. Barks, spins around, runs...
  5. New puppy- New questions

    Attention All New Members
    We have quite a few pups under our belt that have all turned out to be pretty amazing adults. We lost our lovely girl earlier this year to cancer/neuro problems , and adopted a new girl pup in her memory (lab/dane mix) She is currently 13 weeks old, we have had her for 5 of those weeks. She is...
  6. Aussie Protectiveness

    Dog Training Forum
    I am getting an aussie pup soon and I know this breed is likely to be protective and wary of strangers. This isn't my first time dealing with some variation of the breed- my other dog is a blue heeler/aussie mix. I'm not sure why I'm more nervous this time around- it might be because I'm older...
  7. Aggression toward strangers!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, a few of you might remember me from when I was having trouble with my two dogs fighting. I am very proud to announce that Shy has come a long way and instead of fighting with Chance, he now plays with him! It was all thanks to the wonderful suggestions I got off here! Well, now I have...
  8. Socialization

    Dog Training Forum
    Okay, so where I live, pretty much everyone you meet is TERRIFIED of dogs and will practically run to the other side of the street to avoid you if you have a dog. So, Perkins hasn't met many strangers in his life, at all. I walk him, and he sees people, but no one ever asks to pet him or...
  9. Stranger and Food Agression

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello! I have a year and a half-ish Lab/Basset Hound mix that has an issue when greeting strangers. He will come up to strangers as you would expect any dog would, sniffing them, sometimes friendly jumping up on them (trying to work on not jumping on things, but he really really likes to jump...
  10. Random snipping at people

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I fostered a dog and have had him for about a month. He is generally a really good dog. For some reason while someone is petting him, he will randomly snip and growl at the person petting him, even though he went to them. Its difficult because he is a sweet looking dog so people are not...
  11. My dachshund hates strangers.

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a 2 year old miniature dachshund that hates strangers! She is very protective of the house and me and my boyfriend. I don't mind that she is protective/guarding the house, but when we have strangers over to the house or anyone she doesn't know comes towards us she barks and growls at them...
  12. Growling/nervous of strangers outside.

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello Fidget is a very excitable, happy, attention-seeking "lick you all over" puppy. When people come over we can't unglue her from them usually. HOWEVER... Certain people she acts weird around (our landlord, and my cousin in particular), and will growl and refuse to approach. I assume it's...
  13. Fidget Uncontrollably Hyper with Guests

    Dog Training Forum
    Whenever guests come over or I go to someone's house with Fidget, she goes absolutely bonkers. Scenario: Someone comes to the door and knocks. She barks, which is ok since I like her to let us know that someone is at the door. I tell her to sit, and then I go to the door and open it. She often...
  14. Foster Dog Attack

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello! I fostered a dog a few days ago. She's an adorable black/white, 15 - 20 lb. mutt who looks like a little fox. When I let her out of her crate and into my house, she was immediately friendly and sweet. She constantly wants to cuddle and is relatively well-behaved (a few accidents in...
  15. Confusing puppy behavior

    General Dog Forum
    So, this all happened while I was at work yesterday and my puppy was over my parents' house (she usually spends a few hours there a few times a week while I'm at work). My dad went on a quick trip to the store, leaving my 8-month-old mixed breed dog on their enclosed patio. In the meantime, my...
  16. Pansy dog wants to be really tough, but just makes me mad..

    Dog Training Forum
    My dog is not 101% trustworthy off-leash. He's pretty good considering I've had him only a month now, and everyone is always surprised when I say I need to keep him on a leash because when I do go out of sight he freaks out.. but today I had something happened that really bothered me. I take...
  17. Maturing pups and construction issue

    General Dog Forum
    I introduced Porthos and Ducky in the new member section. In brief, Porthos is the older of the two at 18 months. He's a 73 pound hound/shepard mix. Ducky is two and a half months younger. He's a 87 pound black lab/shepard mix. Both were adopted from a shelter, so the breeds are a best...