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  1. Grain like or gritty stool

    Dog Health Questions
    My female 7 month old has been taking cephalexcin for an infection from after her spay. I noticed that her stool has been looking like tiny grains or grits. They aren't white or a different color but it's throughout the stool. It also kind of looks like foam. I'm wondering if this is a side...
  2. Soft Stool

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello doggy parents. My puppy born January 17 2017, had a sudden bout of uncontrollable diarrhea and fatigue a couple weeks ago. I freaked out thinking it might be parvo even though he has had the vaccine 4 times. So I took him to the vet and his parvo test was negative thank goodness. It...
  3. [HELP] I don't know whats wrong w/ my dog :(

    Dog Health Questions
    hi, I am a 1st time owner and I really cared about my dog. he is only 7 months old so I am really worried sick when he is not acting normal :( here is the problem: He is always whimping(crying) he wants to go badly outside even if its raining, then he will eat tons of grass..I though ok maybe he...
  4. Stool quality not improving ... time to switch?

    Dog Food Forum
    Here I go again. I feel lost. I have Loki on Origen Puppy food. He has been on it for about a month now ( less a few days ) When we switched him, he was a Blue Buffalo Puppy. We did 2 weeks change over and he was doing fine ... except he smelled REALLY bad. So we started adding yogurt to his...
  5. Puppies Eating Poop

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello all! I have two 5 month old Papillon puppies that have a bad habit of eating their own poop. The vet recommended For-bid which we used for a week but it doesn't seem to have helped. They are still doing it. She also recommended picking up the poop immediately after they do it, but this is...
  6. Bloody stool scare

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a 3 1/2 month old puppy. He was initially treated with a general dewormer but after I told my vet his mother was a stray she immediately put him on Panacur. He took that for 5 days and had a little bit of diarrhea (which I understand is normal when deworming) but he has been done with the...
  7. Recommendations for Gastriplex for diarrhea?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hey all, I believe our 9 month old pup has developed a chronic diarrhea situation. Two weeks ago she (4 days after visiting the vet and getting a clean bill of health) was lethargic and wouldn't eat. The lethargy lasted only 6 or 7 hours and then she progressively got better. Her stools were...
  8. What can we expect?

    Dog Health Questions
    Our dog seems to have eaten a tube of chapstick yesterday--wrapper, plastic tube, and the goo itself. Last night she woke up twice for a BM (which she never does) and then went again this morning. Each stool softer than the last. I'm worried about perforated bowels or really difficult BMs...
  9. Stool Sample Testing

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Why would you want your dog's stool tested? What is the cost range? How much of a sample is needed for a vet to test? How do I go about packaging it and taking it into the vet? Thanks!
  10. Pooping Immediately after eating

    Dog Health Questions
    My boy seems to have some bowel issues over the past month. It began with him coming into the house from the backyard and "finishing" his poop in the house. I attributed it to the cold and we just watched him more carefully to make sure he was finished. This morning, however, he ate breakfast...