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  1. Dog post surgery stomach lump

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello My dog underwent a surgery 2 weeks and a half ago because he ate something he shouldn't have. Two days ago he began vomiting and acting like when he was sick before the surgery. We thought he had swallowed something again and we had to bring him to the vet to perform a surgery again. So...
  2. Sick pomeranian puppy

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi all! My 10 month toy pom, Turbo, had quite the eventful weekend. I woke up early Saturday morning (around 6) to the sound of him throwing up. He continued to throw up multiple times. In addition to throwing up, he would make noises after he threw up that I can only describe as wheezing. It...
  3. Drippy butt

    Dog Food Forum
    lost..(food frustrations) Hi, I've been researching dog foods on websites like dogfoodadvisor, trying to find a high quality kibble for my dog. I have a 3 y/o Boston Terrier that has been on TOTW for about 2 years. I know it's a decent food. He has an EXTREMELY sensitive stomach, ever since...
  4. Problem with Orijen Large Breed Puppy- what now?

    Dog Food Forum
    Ive been feeding my Yellow Lab orijen Large Breed puppy (he is about 5.5 months and 35 pounds).. For a month now, every other day he has loose stools and very bad smelling stools... I tried adding pumpkin tonight to see if it helps... Im considering switching brands to either Wellness or...
  5. Blue Heeler Puppy Vomiting Since we got her, Any Suggestions???????????

    Dog Health Questions
    We got the puppy at seven weeks old and and she is now 4 months old. She has been vomiting 1-4 times a day ever since. Of course we immediately took her to the vet and on multiple occasions but are at a point where we don't know what to do anymore!! Polly will eat, then walk in circles fighting...
  6. angry stomach

    Dog Health Questions
    My chow chows both have a condition called "angry stomach". They were puking and the vet said this was the issue. Anybody ever hear of this?