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  1. What to do about a neglected dog??

    Dog Rescue Forum
    So, about 6 weeks ago, I got new next door neighbors and right off the bat, I got a bad feeling about them. They're messy, their yard is full of junk, I don't think either of them have a job, and they've got two dogs who have to be kept apart because they tend to get in fights (like big...
  2. Not eating x.x;

    Dog Health Questions
    So my pup is a small pup, they are prone to low blood sugar, so eating IS very important. Well I've been to the vet three times already because my dog just won't eat. I've bought two types of dry food and one canned and nada. What gets me MORE mad is that when she gets offered food at the...
  3. Black Labrador - absolutely no appetite, 11yo, lethargic, excessive drooling

    Dog Health Questions
    Please offer any advice. Our dog is starving herself to death. We have an 11 year old female black lab and trying to find a way to get her to eat. Refuses to eat anything. Zero appetite. Must force feed her frozen BilJac 2x per day. Great looking dog, normal weight, but never a...
  4. Dead Dog Beach

    Dog Rescue Forum
    http://www.vetstreet.com/our-pet-experts/from-boxing-champ-to-slum-dog-advocate-the-woman-behind-the-sato-project?WT.z_mod=RP Puerto Rico has over 150,000 stray dogs, most of which were dumped/abused/neglected/abandoned. Kids there torture puppies for recreation. Has anyone else been following...
  5. My 1 yr old dog will not eat

    Dog Health Questions
    I have been fighting with my dog almost since I got her to eat. She is nothing but skin and bones. The vet has de-wormed her and said she will eat when she is hungry but she is never hungry it seams. I have tried dry food, caned food, mixed together, human food, even cat food. I have tried free...