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  1. Questions about Conformation Training - Hand stack VS Free stack?

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    When you train a puppy/dog for conformation, do you teach hand stacking OR free stacking, or do you teach him both? Also, when you use a special stand to teach them to stack, like the "showstacker" is that considered hand stacking? VV Link to showstackers site gallery...
  2. Going nuts with Kikopup

    Dog Training Forum
    I should have asked this a long time ago and stopped myself from going crazy, but I kept thinking it would sort itself out, and it hasn't. Basically, the Kikopup method for stay is that all poses (sit, down, stand) also mean stay and that you always have to release your dog. Well the issue is...
  3. Doggy is refusing to stay at the place he used to stay

    Dog Health Questions
    My doggy ( she is female , about 4 years old now ) is refusing to stay at the place he used to stay normally. I don't know why. Could there be any reason? when i pick him up and put him there, he quickly runs from that place like she's seen a devil! But now the place she has selected to stay is...
  4. Clicker training help

    Dog Training Forum
    So I recently purchased a clicker and a training book to train Kaylee my two year old, somewhat recently, adopted australian shepherd/corgi mix (although these are approximated and based solely on appearance). The book promised me amazing and very fast results! I'm finding that I'm...
  5. Odd behavior

    General Dog Forum
    Removed by user.
  6. Pup in pain sitting down/getting up

    Dog Health Questions
    I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this with their dog. :confused: I have a Shiba inu who is little over a year old. She is my baby and would never harm her in anyway. Within the past few months she has been having difficulty walking. She has been having problems with her hind legs where...