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stained fur

  1. Saliva Stain Removal Help (dark fur)

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Hello, I'm having a pretty big issue with my 8 month old Weimaraner (blue). When he's in his kennel, he gets extreme separation anxiety and drools excessively. I'll come home and his ears willl be soaked from hanging his head down in the drool (witnessed it myself). What has happened...
  2. Stains on White Fur

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Help! This is quite embarassing...thank goodness noone can see me...haha But does ANYONE know how to get stains off a dogs rear end? My dog is mostly black with white streaks on her cheeks, chin and legs, but her butt is also white. She LOVES to swim, spent hours a day in a lake last week and...