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  1. New member, Few questions! including pics of new pup!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hey guys, Got a few quick questions as im new to here and its my first pup im going to have to raise and teach. I picked up this dog as a present from my girlfriend and she tells me its a staffy x pitbull. Im unsure of this as it seems very small for that type of dog. the dog is roughly...
  2. Issues housbreaking and destructive behavior

    Dog Training Forum
    We just adopted a 1.5/2 year (best guess) pup from a rescue group. He's a Staffordshire Terrier/German Shepard mix (best guess). We've only had him for a week and I expected behavior issues, just looking for advice to see if I can speed things up. Every time we leave the house, whether it's...
  3. Is this normal???

    General Dog Forum
    Hey i have a staffordshire bull terrier ("she" is just over 8 months old.) and i was wondering if she will grow any more... because she doesnt seem to be gaining any weight, and do you think that she will fill out a bit over the next few months or has she just stopped growing?
  4. Meet Grant the AmStaf & Harry the Malinois

    Dog Pictures Forum
    I'm new here, so I thought that I'd introduce you to the beasts. These aren't the greatest pics and videos, but they are recent :p Grant is 9-years-old. He has his CD, CGC, and is certified through TDI. He also has an HIC, but I wonder if those sheep were just really well trained. It's fun...
  5. What breed is my pup???

    General Dog Forum
    What breed do you think my dog is? My best guess is staffordshire bull terrier/doberman mix. She's got doberman markings, but a pit like face, but more slender than a pit all around. She's about 11 months old and 55lbs. Eventually I plan on getting a doggie dna test, but until then I'd like...