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  1. First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My pup, about a year old, walks well on leash generally. However, when she sees a squirrel she has a little ritual she religiously observes: 1) staring, eyes glazed; 2) sitting/plopping down; 3) lunging at the squirrel. Since I live in a city and walk her around in parks, we encounter squirrels...
  2. Dog Pictures Forum
    Nayda is the only Laika I have now. In the past I had more of them. Here, she is after shedding in her summer coat. This is a naturally treeing dog. Just take your puppy in the forest and turn loose, it will start finding his own squirrels and bark under tree by age of 4 to 10 months. Laika will...
1-2 of 2 Results