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  1. My dog sports thread!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Sense it's almost summer,there for dog sports and shows are starting I thought despite not being any sort of pro I could post some pics. I also will keep posting pics this summer and some old ones as well. Agility,conformation,herding,flyball and frisbee demo's,other random demos, and maybe...
  2. 4H dog competition help?

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    I am new this year at doing 4H let alone a competition. I have an Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix. Showing under Blue Heeler X. I am showing her under showmanship, obedience, agility, and jumpers. I know your suppose to wear something complementery. Something to blend in with your dog. I...
  3. Hi Everyone

    Attention All New Members
    Hi, I'm Sharon from NH. and I love everything is to do with dogs. I've spent my life doing sports and recreational activities with my dogs. I started a new group named sports dogs, only because I couldn't find a place to park myself. I use all kinds of recreational aids to work with my dogs...