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  1. What breed do you see in these dogs?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi! New guy here, so I was given a puppy by my friend at first I thought he's part Shepherd but I wasnt sure so I asked pics of the Dam and Sire. Do you guys know what breed are mixed into them? I'm guessing somewhere in the Spitz family. Just wanted to know for research purposes. Also, my...
  2. newly adopted dog barks and lunges at cars, need help

    Dog Training Forum
    hi! recently adopted a 2 year old spitz mix... kind of looks like a jindo or akita mix but i am not sure. his name is bread and he is around 2 years old, about 35lbs (trying to get him to eat more!!) and he only has 1 eye. bread is mostly a good dog with a great demeanor, he is very mellow...
  3. New Dog Owner

    Attention All New Members
    Hello, I'm first time puppy owner, I got a Spitz probably japanese white spitz puppy from breeder at 6 weeks old I didn't knew that it's too early to get and i really blame the BAD Breeder for doing this to my lovely puppy. Anyway it happened now, and since i'm trying all i can do to make things...
  4. Finnish spitz questions

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hey, i bought an 8 weeks old finnish spitz yesterday. We picked her up in the middle of the day and we were home around 21:00. She lived really far away from us so we had to drive about 500 km to get to her, and then 500 km back, but the ride back went well and were home now. Anyway, i know...
  5. Greetings!

    Attention All New Members
    I currently have four dogs. My first rescue was a neighborhood male dog with Rottweiller coat plus a front tuxedo. The second rescue was solid black female. They mates and 63 days later, 7 pups were born under my outdoor shed, on Feb. 25, 2009. I have two of the pups, a male and female...
  6. what is my puppy? just got him, 4 months old.

    General Dog Forum
    i just adopted this puppy on saturday, i havent even taken him home yet because they have to neuter him first. i get him Wednesday evening. he's 4 months old and 40lbs already. they said he's a "chow/mix" i've owned two chow mixes before and I think the combination of red hair and black spotted...