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    Attention All New Members
    Hello everyone! I am new on dog forums and made this account for one important reason- my pup! I have been having trouble recently due to her spaying surgery. It has been a loooong recovery. I have several questions regarding her situation. If you have or had a spayed puppy that had...
  2. Spayed puppy in heat

    Dog Health Questions
    Clover is 10.5 months old. When she got spayed a few months back, the vet called me in the middle of the surgery to say that she could not find a right ovary, even after extensive searching, so probably Clover was born with just one. Fast forward to today when I took her to the vet for what I...
  3. Spayed female is lactating??

    Dog Health Questions
    For a little history on Miss Lucy... she is a semi-rescue from an abusive home (a secondary party stole her, basically, from her abusive home but couldn't take proper care of her, so I took her in). I was told she was a relatively healthy, spayed, 2 year old female miniature dachshund. Well, so...
  4. Puppy just got spayed yesterday

    Dog Health Questions
    My 4 months old pomapoo/terrier just got spayed yesterday. I was told to keep the cone on for 10 days and to keep her calm/relax till the stitches are out. Well the thing is i wasn't really expecting my puppy to be so lively and energetic. She doesn't want to lay down and relax. I don't have a...
  5. Dog spaying - help!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My lab Molly is 19 weeks yesterday...and we want to get her spayed. The question is when... we want it to be idealy before she goes into season, a) avoid unwanted pregnancy - my village is loaded with dogs! And b) to avoid the heat season, as it's just easier and cleaner for us but if it's...
  6. Spay incision question **Picture**!!!

    Dog Health Questions
    My little girl was spayed a week ago. One spot on her incision looks a little red and is hard. I wanted some opinions on if it looks to be healing or could be a bad sign.....thanks to all in advance!!!!:wave:
  7. Just had my girl spayed and she seems depressed and wont come to me

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi all I have a gorgeous little powderpuff maltese cross girl, 18 months old, and she's just been spayed on Tuesday (5 days ago) The first two days she was like a zombie; couldn't move or walk and was struggling with her cone collar. Since then she has improved a lot and I have taken her...
  8. Devil dog

    General Dog Forum
    I love my dog, but am wits end it's like she needs an exorcism. I am almost in tears writing this cause it so furstrating. She is an 8 month old 105 pound French mastiff. She was a dream come true well socialized, trained and a sweet heart. Then she got spayed and came home crazy. We kept her...