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  1. Questions about post-spay....?

    General Dog Forum
    Ok. Fidget was spayed Wednesday the 9th. LOL poor thing hates this e-collar. I was told that she has to wear it for a week to ten days but was wondering what should be done after that...because I know she is the type of dog that will immediately try licking the incision (which is not stitched...
  2. Fidget is now an "IT"

    General Dog Forum
    So Fidget got spayed and microchipped today. Poor thing. She's dopey, yet whining and shivering and acting all-around miserable. I had to feed her by hand tonight as she is afraid of her cone and will not eat things off the floor. I also have to tell her to drink her water... :p I think she is...
  3. When to spay?

    General Dog Forum
    When should I spay Daisy? She is 7 months and about a week old. Should I take her to the vet to have her spay tomorrow? She is not in heat as of now.
  4. Slight bleeding from spay incision

    Dog Health Questions
    Paranoid puppy mom here... I have had my my 8mo old terrier mix for about a month now, and had her spayed on Tuesday (4 days ago)...So far I have followed all the "rules" - she keeps the cone on when I can not directly watch her, I have minimized her activity as much as I can (no running, only a...
  5. Overpriced Spaying Services?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello guys, first time poster. I'm a new owner of a 8-month female beagle. I just got her up-to-date on her shots and her heartworm test is being administered. Next comes the topic of spaying. The place I took her to shots said they would charge $255 to spay. I called to other places and...
  6. Spay Incision Worries!!

    Dog Health Questions
    I was hoping someone on here could lend me some advice. I recently adopted a 10 month old Golden Retriever. She hadn't been spayed so we almost immediately got her the surgery. Everything was fine post op, and she seemed to have no trouble with the incision site. I'm a nurse so I can generally...
  7. Post-spay Question About Stomach Area

    Dog Health Questions
    We recently had our Boston Terrier puppy spayed and everything went well. She's 8 months old and was spayed at 6 to give you an idea of the time frame I'm referring to. Now that she's fully healed we've noticed a funny feeling object under her skin close-to if not directly under her incision...
  8. False pregnancy question

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi all, I have a question about a possible false pregnancy. We found a little stray dachshund mix last summer and the vet was unable to determine if she was spayed. And we were unwilling to pay for possibly unnecessary surgery. So we chose to wait and see if she went into heat, which she did...
  9. Spaying - Is a Cone Required?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi everyone! :) We have a 5.5 month old puppy who we just had spayed a couple of days ago. The vet also sealed up the pup's umbilical hernia, so the wound is a little longer than usual. It's glued shut and the sutures will dissolve on their own. I'm wondering if it's necessary to get a cone...
  10. How to Care for a Spayed Puppy?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My puppy was spayed yesterday (mini schnauzer) and I was wondering if anyone has recommendations on how to care for her and alieviate her pain? She's started to try to scratch her stitches (she has a cone/buster collar) by using her hind leg/paw. She's a smart cookie. Is there anything I can put...