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spay complications

  1. help, desperate first time mother

    Attention All New Members
    Besides the spaying surgery infection, she also has a swelled up stomach. (swelling looks like balls within her). As well as a blue dissolving stitch sticking out of her. Its been 22 days since the surgery and she still has complications. She eats, pees, poops, eats, drinks right but i'm just...
  2. Spay Incision Open - What to do?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi everybody! I Adopted a 1 yr old Silky Terrier mix from the shelter on Thursday (4 days ago). She had her spay surgery done that day and we brought her home. That night she was pretty groggy so she wasn't very active. However, she's a very hyper dog and she loves to play with the other dog in...
  3. Post-spay complications

    Dog Health Questions
    On Friday (3/13), I brought my ~6 month old mix-breed girl to get spayed. When I went to pick her up after the surgery, there were a couple drops of blood on her vagina. The vet said that this was normal, as long as it didn't continue. Now, however, it has been 2 days, and there is blood in her...
  4. Post Spay complications: Has anyone seen anything like this?

    Dog Health Questions
    Bonza was spayed at a spay/neuter clinic on 10 December. I noticed a lump near the incision area and well below her skin, also below mammary tissue around New Year's day. Seemed large (bigger than a silver dollar), but it didn't stick up much. No pain, redness, soreness or other symptoms. I...