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  1. Dog Health Questions
    Hi! My dog (almost 4yrs old) went through a spay surgery almost 4 days ago. I noticed that most of the time she is panting or breathing fast 60 breaths per minute. Or she doesn't take a breath for 10 seconds and takes a big breath after that. She's used to staying and sleeping outside where is a...
  2. Dog Health Questions
    My 8 month old bugg was spayed this past Tuesday morning and I’m really wondering if her incision looks normal? She hasn’t been able to mess with it at all, and she’s not been allowed to jump or play since surgery. They apparently used glue as well as stitches!
  3. Dog Health Questions
    Hi all, my now 8 month old female lab was spayed end of February, 2021. It was not until March 31st when she had her stitches removed. We noticed one bump over her incision (size of a pea) during her stiches removal visit and the vet said it was just fluid that would eventually go away. He...
  4. Dog Health Questions
    My puppy is about to turn 7 mo. She got spayed yesterday, but her incision looks funny. I may be overreacting because this is my first dog, but does it look infected to you?
  5. New Member Introductions
    Besides the spaying surgery infection, she also has a swelled up stomach. (swelling looks like balls within her). As well as a blue dissolving stitch sticking out of her. Its been 22 days since the surgery and she still has complications. She eats, pees, poops, eats, drinks right but i'm just...
  6. Dog Health Questions
    Hi everybody! I Adopted a 1 yr old Silky Terrier mix from the shelter on Thursday (4 days ago). She had her spay surgery done that day and we brought her home. That night she was pretty groggy so she wasn't very active. However, she's a very hyper dog and she loves to play with the other dog in...
  7. Dog Health Questions
    On Friday (3/13), I brought my ~6 month old mix-breed girl to get spayed. When I went to pick her up after the surgery, there were a couple drops of blood on her vagina. The vet said that this was normal, as long as it didn't continue. Now, however, it has been 2 days, and there is blood in her...
  8. Dog Health Questions
    Bonza was spayed at a spay/neuter clinic on 10 December. I noticed a lump near the incision area and well below her skin, also below mammary tissue around New Year's day. Seemed large (bigger than a silver dollar), but it didn't stick up much. No pain, redness, soreness or other symptoms. I...
1-8 of 8 Results