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  1. Walking on a leash and dog on dog reaction questions. Help.

    Dog Training Forum
    I just spent a little time reading the training tactics thread. I'd like to know if anyone has had luck working on the leash training or dog on dog interaction? Our new rescue, Benji, is finally getting comfortable and there are a few things I'm noticing that I don't know how to work on. When...
  2. Should my 6 month old puppy be allowed to play with other dogs in the park?

    Dog Training Forum
    My 6 month basset hound puppy rushes up to other dogs in the park, and loves playing with them. Ditto if they come up to him. Mostly they end up chasing each other around. Today in dog training class he met another puppy his age, and they were rolling around on top of each other, play biting...