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  1. Greyhound chasing smaller animals

    Dog Training Forum
    I have two dogs, not teeny tiny in size or spirit at all but small enough to not be classed as big! I will be taking in a greyhound in a week or so (very excited), and I have read numerous times in my preparation for her that greyhounds very often come with a warning of "they live to chase...
  2. Hello!

    Attention All New Members
    I am my Pomeranian's person, hence my user name. :). My rescue pom had her first teeth cleaning/extraction yesterday and woke up wheezing, so of course I turned to the internet and found this site. She is fine, now, but I always enjoy animal forums, so many interesting stories and helpful...
  3. luxating patella: great/cheap supplement, other therapies, scientific review

    Dog Health Questions
    Just wanted to let any other small dog owner with luxating patella know about some conservative treatments for "trick knees." WHY I LOOKED FOR SOMETHING OTHER THAN WHAT MY VET RECOMMENDED When my vet suggested I get a supplement that would cost about $40 a month (either Synovi 4 or...
  4. I must do something!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello everyone, my dog Gus is 9 years old and doesn't have an actual race, it's more of a mix between a jack russell and a sheepdog... Anyways, when we first got the dog at the age of (somewhere around) 9 months, we didn't really know what to do as he was going to be our first dog ever. We...
  5. Small Dog Harnesses!

    General Dog Forum
    So, I've been wanting to get my two small dogs some harnesses that don't press on their necks/tracheas. I LOVE the buddy belts but their prices are just way too steep for me at $70ish per harness (for my dogs' sizes, anyway). Suggestions for no-choke harnesses at a decent price? What's your...
  6. Is my dog too small to breed?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I have done some research online and I have found mixed answers. I have an adorable yorkie/teacup poodle mix, Lola, she will be three years old this July and weighs about five pounds. I have been thinking about breeding her, but I am afraid for her safety. I couldn't live with myself if anything...
  7. Neutering a dog with a retained testicle

    Dog Health Questions
    One our dogs, Taz, has a retained testicle. He's 10 months old now and I don't think it's going to descend anytime soon. We plan on getting Kodi and Gizmo neutered in February but we are a little hesitant about getting Taz fixed. You can visibly see the outline and feel the retained testicle on...