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small breed

  1. Spaying

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello! I have a 4 month old Chihuahua Australian Terrier Mix. She weighs around 6 pounds and is 4 months. We’re on quarantine right now so I can’t go asking any vets questions otherwise I would have, but what age is the best age to get a pup spayed? 6 months? (Of course I won’t actually taking...
  2. Letting dogs roam together when you're not home

    Attention All New Members
    Im new here, not sure if I'm even doing this right, but oh well! I have a 3 year old male shih tzu (Jasper) and we just recently adopted a shelter puppy. She is a smooth collie mix (Fiona). She is only 3.5 months old so we do leave her crated when we aren't home for obvious reasons/until we...
  3. Biking with small dogs?

    General Dog Forum
    Although it is currently -5 C where I live, and we are buried in 3 feet of snow, I have started to get the spring time itch where I'm very eager to get outside and enjoy the warm weather with my dog in the next couple months (hopefully!). Levi is a 2 year old Norfolk Terrier. He weighs about...
  4. How big will my dachshund mix be?

    General Dog Forum
    What is my dachshund puppy mixed with? (Pics) Hi, I recently rescued a dachshund/mix puppy. She is estimated to be 11weeks old today. I saw a photo of her mom who was a full blooded dachshund and weighed about 9 lbs. my puppy is cream colored with black ears and tail. She is smooth haired but...
  5. I have severe clinical depression, and I need a companion

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    A little background on me: I'm a college senior living at home for now, and have never owned a pet before. Was never around any when I was a kid, and was actually pretty scared of dogs, as I've gotten older I enjoy the hell out of playing with my friends pets. I don't know very much about...
  6. Knee Surgery

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a tiny Australian Shepherd! He only weighs 13 lbs. He was the runt of a Miniature litter, and no I did not buy him to get a tiny dog. I actually wanted a dog that was on the larger side of what is called the mini. However, his personality was absolutely perfect for our family and our...