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  1. Papillon/Shih Tzu cross, no curly tail???

    General Dog Forum
    Hello everyone! Now to elaborate on the title of this post. I have a 7 month old papillon/Shih Tzu cross named Luna. The father is a 100% papillon and the mother is a 100% Shih Tzu. No other mixes in there. Both parents have natural curly tails... they curl right up over their backs naturally. I...
  2. Doggy Imprint

    Dog Rescue Forum
    So four days ago I forced to take on an older, abused, poorly socialized, toy poodle. She was born and raised in a puppy mill. She was used to breed since her first puppy period. She was never shown any affection, locked in a kennel in the garage of an animal hoarder/pathetic excuse for a...
  3. Help picking a breed!!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I am going to be a first time dog owner, but am having trouble finding a breed. Help? My mom is fine with letting me adopt one as long as it's A small dog Not a chihuahua Not too furry Not too aggressive Not too energetic (I understand energy level and aggression is probably more based on the...
  4. Violent aggression between two female chihuahua's...please help!

    General Dog Forum
    I have 2 female chihuahuas ages 6 & 5. The youngest one was in the house first and we raised from 8wks and the older one we took in for a friend when she was 2 years old. They have had occasional "tifts" in the past here and there but not regular or very bad. Usually it would start with the...
  5. Small dog eye drop wrestling

    Dog Health Questions
    I think it should be a sport considering the patience, strategy, strength and endurance it involves! So here's my issue. I'm a long time dog owner, but I've never had a dog smaller than 35 lbs. We just adopted a 3 mo. old Chiweenie from the shelter to save it from being PTS. No one wanted him...
  6. Special Adoption Event on the East Coast "The PAW-lar Express"

    Dog Rescue Forum
    Hi Everyone, I'm the lead volunteer for the "Finding Great Homes for Jack Russell Terriers" rescue of Greensboro, NC. Completely in disregard to the holiday season, we have seen a recent spike in dog abondonment & surrender, including the recent rescue of 10 lab/boxer puppies left for dead in a...